Putin and medvedev relationship questions

Putin says the Medvedev government is not weak - Russia Beyond

putin and medvedev relationship questions

Sep 11, Russia has huge political and economic problems, says Dmitry Medvedev Russia's president, Dmitry Medvedev, has admitted that his country try to make The Guardian sustainable by deepening our relationship with our. Dec 1, US diplomats consider Vladimir Putin to be the real ruler of Russia despite handing over but Putin holds most, and the best, of the cards in the tandem relationship. He fielded questions on a wide range of questions and. Questions on the March 4 Russian Presidential Election hunter or race car driver––to make a direct connection with Russia's different political constituencies. . But Putin summarily dismissed Medvedev on September 24, —it was.

The role of United Russia is great, but it does not mean that the party has preferential status in the political landscape. Putin says that other political parties win elections in many cities such as Yekaterinburg and Novosibirsk. When asked about United Russia, Putin says the party has been in power for a long time and carries a lot of responsibility.

People have a right to demand results. United Russia is a stabilizing force, he adds. Will the government reduce support for higher education? Putin says government support for education and science will remain, but funds will be channeled through special grants. Putin says if the West always claims special rights and a special status, it will not be able to build democratic relations with Russia. No favorite, says Putin, but prefers someone less "exceptional".

Dig at Obama pic. Responding to a question about the Panama Papers scandal, Putin says the Western media is engaging in "provocations. Request for help from workers of a canning factory in the Sakhalin Region. They have not been paid their salaries for months and are stuck on the island of Shikotan. They asked Putin to understand the situation. The workers appealed for help to the Public Prosecutor's office in Sakhalin, but did not receive any response.

Putin says local government officials, prosecutors and the labor service have to respond. Putin instructed the Prosecutor General of Russia to look into the matter. Elizabeth from the Irkutsk Region. What would you prefer to take, the unified state exam or an oral exam?

Oral exam Putin doesn't believe in genies and magic wishes, but does enjoy porridge for breakfast. Question from a school newspaper in the Perm Region. If you were offered three wishes, what would you ask for? It is better for us to work and achieve everything ourselves. A businessman thanks Putin for dragging Russia out of crisis in Putin says crisis was worse than this one.

Putin says the Medvedev government is not weak

Putin says that since Soviet times, the housing sector has not received enough money. The money was used for the production of weapons.

This even resulted in a shortage of basic items such as soap. However, the state has no influence on additional services. On the issue of doping, Putin says that Meldonium-usage could not be considered doping.

Question from a pensioner about Putin's ex-wife. Putin says that the business associated with waste disposal and landfills is poorly regulated and highly criminalized. There are three ways to address the issue.

putin and medvedev relationship questions

Enterprises can build factories for waste disposal. The second option is for businesses to unite and build a plant.

And the third is for the state to build one. Local bureaucrats promise to repair the roads in the city center by May 1 Putin promised that the fourth line of a power bridge to Crimea will open in the near future. Thus Crimea will become independent from Ukraine when it comes to the supply of electricity I'm sure that the Turkish authorities will seek to ensure the safety of tourists, including Russians.

But can they do it? Turkey not so much fighting radicals as working with them pic. Today going there is dangerous.

Putin says that flights to Egypt would be restarted when it is safe to do so. If both Poroshenko and Erdogan are drowning, who would you save first, year old Varvara asks. But we can lend a helping hand to any partner".

putin and medvedev relationship questions

From medicine to international relations. Putin says that Russia has good relations with the world. Turkey is Russia's friend despite its unfriendly actions against Russia.

Putin says that Russia has analogues of foreign drugs and that the government controls the price of such medicines. However, drug manufacturers say that it is unprofitable to produce cheap domestic drugs because they are made partly of foreign components.

The government can either provide subsidies or raise prices. Dmitry from Moscow says his parents are upset about the fact that pharmacies only have expensive imported drugs. Putin says that Russia has not totally withdrawn from Syria.

Russia helped the Syrian army stand on its own feet. After Russia pulled back some forces from Syria, the Syrian army was able to retake a part of its lost territory. Former Finance Minister Alexei Kudrin will actively participate in an expert center headed by the President. The center will deal with issues of economic development.

Oksana from Lipetsk asked what the most important economic issues are at the moment. The President says the biggest challenges are in improving the efficiency of the economy and helping the most vulnerable segments of the society. Putin says Russia needs to change the structure of its economy.

When asked about the state of the economy, Putin says he expects growth next year. A pensioner from Moscow asked about the rise in food prices. Putin acknowledged that prices are really rising. He says the price rise is artificial and is caused by the fact that Russian manufacturers are not able to successfully substitute imported products.

We need to know how these funds are spent. It turned out that a lot of funds are being spent. This year, we decided to increase the excise tax on fuel by one percent. Of these two rubles, one ruble should be left over for roads. It is about 40 billion rubles. Secret diplomatic cables seen by the Guardian reveal the US emphatically believes Putin to be in charge.

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They also suggest Putin will decide whether Medvedev serves a second term, whether he will return to the presidency himself or give the job to someone else. In a dispatch sent in Februarythe US ambassador in Moscow, John Beyrle, dubbed the pairing "Russia's bicephalous ruling format".

He made clear that he saw Putin as the more important of the two heads. His return to the Kremlin is not inevitable, but should things remain stable, Putin remains in a position to choose himself, Medvedev, or another person as Russia's next president. Some were stymied at that stage, presumably in the prime minister's office.

There are signs of a strong confrontation between the teams of the two men, although not yet between Putin and Medvedev personally. Putin and Medvedev have left pundits guessing as to their intentions before an election in the spring of Both have indicated they may stand again as president.

More Questions Than Answers At Russian President's Press Conference

Putin stepped down after two four-year terms, in accordance with Russia's constitution. This has now been changed, giving the next president a six-year stint.

Medvedev talks to western media

The cables reveal how the US embassy industriously canvassed views from a range of Moscow experts on Russia's unusual political duopoly. In a November cable, the deputy ambassador, Eric Rubin, lumped the experts' opinions into three "very divergent camps". The first group, he reported, believed Medvedev was ascending and "slowly accruing power".

The second, more sceptical group "argues that Medvedev continues to play Robin to Putin's Batman". And the third saw "no essential difference" between the two. In reality, however, nobody knew what was going on in the Russian corridors of power, the cable admited.