Rilakkuma and relationship goals

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rilakkuma and relationship goals

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In episode 8, Suzuno suggests this to Emi, but the latter refuses for a variety of reasons, such as Maou saving people's lives in an earlier attack. The masked assailant who attacks Emi at the convenience store in episode 7. He rushes at her Made funnier when the identity of the masked man is revealed. The archangel Sariel fell for a closed glass door.

Even Evil Has Standards: You do not look in a lady's wallet without permission! Turns out Maou and his roomies all knew from the beginning Suzuno was actually from Enta Isla. They just didn't bug her about it because it's free food and not a big deal to them. Lucifer even remarks on how the food tastes a little Sacred for his liking. Satan and Alciel's Demon forms were bigger than the Hero Emi.

Their human forms are much smaller, though, so when Maou temporarily regains his form, his clothing is instantly stretched to the breaking point over his frame. In addition to the whole 'conquer the world' thing, Ashiya says he would steal the keys of someone who had done him a favor, while Maou seems to feel it's his job as an overlord to annoy Emi.

They even prank call her at work to test Lucifer's hacking skills her expressions during this scene are hilarious. Maou was one, but now he's just an employee at a fast food restaurant. This doesn't stop him from retaining his old dramatic tendencies, however. The series initially had a placeholder opening as well as ending, despite having the accompanying songs for both.

The first two episodes have no opening. The third episode starts with the cuts taken from the light novel covers, before transitioning to using flashbacks and scenes from the first two episodes, to finally showing the fully-animated version in episode Even the "real" opening animation features slight changes between episode 5 and 7, like going from showing just Maou, Ashiya, Emi, and Chiho during the walking sequence, to including Lucifer and Suzuno, incidentally spoiling the latter's identity as the Church Inquisitor.

All this is because the studio, for whatever reason, couldn't complete the actual opening on time. The ending placeholder, on the other hand, is initially a reverse replay of the first episode, then transitions to a basic animation taken from the light novels, then goes to a slow pan-up of Chiho while wearing a bikini, sun hat, and semi-transparent sundress which had been drawn by the director. The final ending sequence that appears in Episode 06 still retains that particular pan-up, but shows a whole lot more montages — including Chiho sitting seemingly naked covered only by a round cushion, as well as wearing a bunny-girl outfit.

It's still very much Chiho-centric however. The pan-up in Episode 06 now shows multiple but faint clocks appearing on Chiho's body. The ending credits change again for episode 13, showing slice-of-life moments for the main cast after everything's wrapped up.

Chiho figured that supernatural entities would be a bit more impressive. Emi concedes her point. I always thought angels and demons and stuff would be more Explaining Your Power to the Enemy: While fighting against Emi in episode 11, Sariel took the time to explain his unique ability to nullify her sacred powers to Emi. Justified in that he had absolute confidence in his powers.

Since his power couldn't be blocked, nullified, or taken away, simply knowing he can do it does absolutely nothing to help Emi to overcome it.

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Lucifer is the main one, but there's implied to be others. Fantastic Comedy Fantasy Counterpart Culture: The later light novels start to devolve more into Ente Isla and we see. The western continent is based on medieval Europe with their more advanced magic and constant fights power struggles with the church. The Eastern continent is based on dynastic China with the word dynasty used and even fireworks and firecrackers used by the citizens. The only reason he fought humans in the first place is because they were in the way in his goals.

It also help that he's in the situation where he has to work with humans if he is to succeed in world domination. Played straight by Emi.

rilakkuma and relationship goals

Justified that she lost her father in the war against the demons. Featureless Plane of Disembodied Dialogue: The light novels, in their English translation, do not use dialogue tags. A reader must parse the following paragraph and figure out who the speaker is. Sometimes, however, there is no following paragraph, leaving the reader confused and bewildered who is talking.

One egregious example happens at the beginning of book 3, when Maou and Suzuno are trying to impress each other with their knowledge of the Obon tradition. Halfway through, Chiho enters the conversation, but we don't find that out for another page and a half, making the back and forth utterly incomprehensible to attribute.

The three demons of the cast are male with the Fallen Angel being the most feminine-looking of the trio while the half-angel hero is female with her angel half stemming from her mother.

Subverted in the case of Archangel Sariel, though he still looked rather feminine as well. The fast-food joint Maou works at is called MgRonalds. Nobody does chicken like Sentucky Fried Chicken. Apart from Suzuno's arrival at the end, the majority of Episode 6 is an anime original.

Fish out of Water: It helps that there are time skips during their adjustment phase but it's implied they do take well to their new lives albeit with a naivety concerning subtle details of daily modern life. Played very straight with Suzuno, who is not only a fish out of water but a fish out of temporal water as well. This severely complicates her adjustment compared to the others. She argues with a train station gate insistently blocking her way and stereotypically freaks out about a flatscreen tv having "tiny people" in it.

Even after being corrected, she's shown to be hard-locked into some habits such as speaking Japanese in a very old, formal and traditional style and wearing kimonos she still buys more kimonos during a shopping spree when told about western clothes and given magazines about them.

This just seems to be her personal preference however. This is partly justified since, in order to prepare herself for Japan she studied historical dramas. At first it seems things are going to end up in a very heated argumentbut then Emi offers to buy him some dinner if he'll tell Rika about Maou.

He immediately accepts and sits down, proclaiming that there's nothing he wouldn't do for Maou and to save on their money. Often but very subtle In episode 7 Emi drops several hints during her first encounter with Suzuno including considering the possibility of her being an assassin from Ente Isla, which she is.

Also hinting at Suzuno's identity, in the original Japanese script Emi asks Suzuno "are you after Maou" which she interprets to mean after him to kill him resulting in a pretty big misunderstanding. In the English dub however, the line was changed and the misunderstanding removed causing a minor inconsistency later. Still in episode 7, Urushihara looks at one of Emi's energy drinks and says if she keeps drinking that stuff she will wind up like Ashiya who is sick with what appears to be heatstroke.

Since the bottle actually contains Celestial Force, this hints at the true cause of Ashiya's illness, as well as the fact that Urushihara already figured out the bottle's contents.

At least one has turned traitor.

rilakkuma and relationship goals

In episode three, if you go frame by frame through the collapsing tunnel scene you see magical barriers going up around the people as Maou protects them. In episode eleven, during a casual attempt to get out of work, Urushihara stops for a moment to pick up his shoes but instead is shown picking up Suzuno's sandals. If you pause during the brief shot of the pile of shoes by the door you can see a small tracking device in Urushihara's hand.

The gestures and body language of the characters is well animated. Some of these occur in less than half a second. During the lunchbox scene, pay attention to Chiho's expressions and how she throws herself across the table to grab, yank and then shake Maou. Emi is a powerhouse of expressions to the point where you can read the escalating stages of "pissed off" she's going through in a single moment.

You cannot party the night away with some hero. Maou's apartment is pretty small, but of the two later three people living in it, only one is employed, and he has a part-time job at a fast food restaurant.

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Possibly justified when it's revealed that the landlady knew what they were from the beginning and was sympathetic to their plight. From Nobody to Nightmare: Essentially this is Maou's plan. The novels reveal this is how he got to be the Lord of Demons back on Ente Isla in the first place; he was actually a low ranking foot soldier for decades that worked his way to the top through hard work and wits.

When Emi tries storming Castle Overlord read: Later, she tries to pick a fight with Maou at work, which he willfully misinterprets as her ordering food. When she walks out, she's carrying the food he decided she had been ordering.

When Emi and Suzuno go to Moonbucks, Suzuno copies Emi's gestures - being out of touch with modern Japan, she sees Emi as being more experienced. When she copies Emi spilling some cream for her coffee, she makes a triumphant fist for a brief moment at having gotten it 'right'. Suzuno again in Sentucky. After taking their seats, look at her face for the entire length of the scene while Rika and Emi bicker. She takes a small sip of her drink and then just stares at it the entire time as if it's the nectar of the gods.

Lucifer often complains about how poorly he is treated by the other characters, who, of course, ignore his rants, relegating him to background noise. In the first episode when Satan and Alciel arrive on Earth they encounter a pair of police officers who try to make them get in the police car.

Alciel leaps back and attempts to use magic on them, loudly proclaiming that he'll never go with them. After his spell fails, there's a beat and the scene cuts to the pair in the back of the police car.

Emi pulls it off during the opening credits sequence. Rika does this to Chiho in episode 9 after being smacked by Cuteness Proximity. Apparently, powerful heroes and demon lords spend their time chatting and snarking at each other when they're not working. Emi's " Relax Bear " wallet. Grey and Gray Morality: Emi and her closest allies are genuinely heroic while Maou's greatest moral failing is his inability to lead his forces properly, causing them to go out of control against civilian targets.

There are very few genuinely bad people in the cast. Even the church can be argued to be just trying to keep order in Ente Isla. Both Emi and Suzuno in episode 8 after they both realize that they're both from Ente Isla. Their heated debate gets the attention of some passersby.

Most of Emi and Maou's arguments start out as or devolve into this eventually. Suzuno is an assassin trying to kill Maou and is worming her way into his good graces. Thanks to his Obfuscating StupidityMaou realizes this right away and quips that that sort of thing never happens in real lifeyet he lets Suzuno cook for him anyway.

He's perfectly willing to sacrifice innocents to achieve his goal, is a Dirty Coward who doesn't pose a serious threat to the heroes, and he's not funny at all. Emi, Chiho, and Suzuno visit one in episode Despite having probably seen much worse, it scares all three girls.

Emi later wonders who would create such a thing, while Suzuno thought she was prepared for stuff like that. All three are holding their face, probably in tears afterwards. Lucifer was originally one of Maou's generals, then shows up with Olba on Earth to kill him. After Lucifer's defeat, Maou accepts him back rather easily. Once Olba returns, he goes to Lucifer to team up against Maou again, and Lucifer appears to agree at first.

rilakkuma and relationship goals

However, Lucifer turns on Olba after using him to help Maou gain the upper hand in his own fight, making this a subversion of this trope. Hero Stole My Bike: In episode 8, while walking Chiho home, Maou brings his bike along to go to work afterwards.

After she gives him a Love Confessionthey realize Suzuno was watching them. Chiho then grabs his bike and starts taking off with it, and apologizes profusely later for it.

One of the manga adaptations, with Maou now an ambitious high school student. How Much Did You Hear?

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To Chiho's dismay, Suzuno heard everything after "I'd already fallen for you, Maou-san. Also, Maou and Emi - there's not much of a size difference if any when he's human, but as a demon Emi is especially taken aback when Maou mentions that he couldn't help but acquire empathy for humans after living as one for a year.

Same goes for a sociopathic backstabbing Fallen Angel. During the fight in episode 5, Ashiya knocks Olba into a building. He then asks why Emi teamed up with a demon, and is immediately called out by the others as he's working with Lucifer.

In episode 6, Emi pays a visit at Maou's restaurant, saying she wants to talk to him. He tells her that disturbing him at work is extremely rude, which causes her to immediately call him out on this, as he had called her while she was at work the day before. I Don't Pay You to Think: Stated by Olba to Crestia, who questions the Church's decisions. I Hate You Angel Mom: Considering Layla's manipulation of events in order to keep the sephirot out of Enta Isla's version of Heaven's hands, it's not surprising that Emi doesn't have the best opinion of her mother anymore.

In episode 12, Lucifer runs into Olba again. The latter offers to work together again, and Lucifer agrees to it. However, he tricks Olba into summoning the moon closer to get Sariel into a false sense of security, and helps Suzuno cause panic on the streets to give Maou some magical power, then knocks out Olba and ties him up once he's got Emi's bag back.

Confronting Lucifer is not as important as lecturing Maou on his movie expenditures. Emi and Chiho call Sariel a pervert numerous times and he angrily denies the Panty Thief accusation. In the dub, when Alciel forces Maou to buy new clothes for a date with Chiho, he describes Maou as dressing like a dowdy transient bum.

Maou only objects to being called a transient bum. When Satan and Alciel come to Earth, they become human with very little magic. They can become their true demon form again when they get enough magic, like when Maou grows to his true size in episode 3. In episode 6, the demons experiment with hacking and use it to bother Emi at work, which she tells them off for. Later she storms into McRonalds to talk to Maou, and he repeats her previous complaints, albeit in a deadpan.

I'm working right now and you know it. What do you think you're doing? You started it while I was— shut up, I see what you did just there! Is It Something You Eat? Suzuno asks this when they are about to visit the reptile house in episode She then relates to Chiho a story of how she was invited to eat some down south. Her story is of dubious accuracy, raising questions as to why she would even want to try eating lizards again. Sariel and to a lesser extent Suzuno.

James A. Garfield

Both their arrivals mark the part where the comedic nature of the story is toned down a little and things get serious. They might be fast food cashiers, tech support, and so on now, but they still talk like Satanhis Dragonand The Hero. This plays a large role in the comedy aspects of the series, especially when they start to get hammy in public Wagahara likes using thinly-veiled riffs on real shows and video game series to flesh out the pop culture of his world: Quaking Mad is a popular TV drama.

The anime gets in on this too: Suzuno used to watch Lone Lion and Cubamong other things. Letting the Air Out of the Band: When Emi reveals her true identity and confronts an aghast Maou, and threatens him with death, she pulls out a knife to show she means business. An unimpressed Maou then recognizes it as being a dollar-store and very small knife bought from nearby and the music slowly fades out before getting back into gear as she regains her composure and charges at him full tilt with it.

Hilarious in that his reaction is not smug or sardonic, he's blank and completely unthreatened by its presence. Light Is Not Good: Everyone we've seen aligned with Ente Isla's Corrupt Church has been a Knight Templar at best and a power-hungry monster at worst.

These people wield explicitly divine power. Like an Old Married Couple: The confrontations between Emi and Maou, much to her chagrin. Lucifer even name-drops this trope in the English dub. Locked Out of the Loop: Rika, in episode 9, attempts to pry some information out of Emi regarding her exact relationship with Maou. Ashiya ends up explaining the gist of the history between Maou, Emi, and himself as though they were longtime professional rivals and Emi was partly responsible for the failure of a company he and Maou tried to start together - an explanation which is accurate enough to satisfy Rika's curiosity.

Chiho to a lesser extent. Although she knows a little about Ente Isla from Maou and Emi, she's initially unaware that Suzuno is also from there. Status Quo Is God: Things stay like this for eight books, until Rika finally forces the issue when Emi suddenly disappears without a word, apparently taking Arras Ramus with her.

Much like Chi-chan, she takes the revelations quite well. A semi-literal translation would be "John Secretlythedevil" and the official English translation is "Jacob Satan". In episode 13, Lucifer ends up buying a lot of items which Maou's apartment has no use for, nor can he fit inside, such as seven beds.

He tries to return the items, but the business owner refuses to take them back, since they were legally purchased. As Maou and Ashiya try to figure out what to do since he now owes a lot of money for those items, Emi asks how old Lucifer is considered in human years.

After Maou tells her, she gives him a way out, by telling him about "cooling off". Since Lucifer is technically under Maou's guardianship, he's not allowed to spend that much without Maou's approval, so they utilize that loophole to get the business owner to take the items back and not owe him any money. Chiho is in love with Maou and thinks that Emi is her rival despite all of her strong objections to the contrary.

After that gets settled to Chiho's satisfaction, she finds out about Suzuno, who she assumes has a crush on Maou. Episode 7 gives us a shot of Emi's sweat-soaked shirt and the bra she's wearing underneath.

He is extremely obsessive about the Demon Castle's finances, and very much a penny-pincher. Emphasized; Maou's Evil Plan? This is in fact a running gag, each raise and promotion a step forward to his goals. When he becomes assistant shift manager, Chiho who knows of their origins at this point even brings up the fact that he technically has human underlings now under his power with added hilarity from Emi appearing and saying she'll never allow it in typical hero fashion Maou and Ashiya with some frequency.

Half the time Ashiya acts like a harassed housewife and Maou like a henpecked working husband. Also they've started to get much closer in a bro-ship manner and their relationship, while retaining the general undertones, has long since progressed past the boundaries of a regular villain and his loyal dragon.

This starts really early on in the manga, when Ashiya and Maou are setting up their family registry. The old couple watching them thinks they're getting married. Emi stops Chiho from an attempted Love Confession to Maou in episode 3.

rilakkuma and relationship goals

While it's not a romantic moment for them, Chiho and Ashiya interrupt the argument Maou and Emi were having just moments earlier. However, it's played straight for Chiho, who suspects Emi is really dating Maou when she finds the two at his apartment. During the fifth episode, the story takes a much more serious turn, but to keep things from getting too heavy the story makes sure to pull out its usual humor every now and then, flipping the story between drama and comedy quite quickly.

In episode 11, the masked attacker shows up again, and delivers a Curb-Stomp Battle to Emi. Episode 12 is heavy on the action and drama, first with Ashiya being attacked by Olba, then Emi being tortured with an Agony Beamand later Maou getting beat up rather badly first by Suzuno, then Sariel, before getting some power back and returning the favor to the latter.

Like the fifth episode however, it also has its comedy in between to keep the mood from getting too dark, such as Maou taking off his work clothes before fighting to avoid damaging them and having to pay for a replacement pair. Ashiya attempts to use magic when he and Maou first land on Earth. Although he tries to make it dramatic, to the cops, it just looks like he's cosplaying. Emi threatens to take down Maou when they first have a serious conversation in a very Large Ham fashion.

She then pulls out a really tiny knife, which he isn't threatened by in the least he even blankly reveals that he knows where she bought it: Maou talking about incinerating and enjoying eating something at the beginning of episode 6, only to then reveal that he and Ashiya were at a restaurant. The latter points out that the former's weirdness was freaking out the other customers. The fact that the new Congress would not hold its first regular session until December [c] would allow him to continue his war service for a time.

Home on medical leave, he refused to campaign for the nomination, leaving that to political managers who secured it at the local convention in Septemberon the eighth ballot. In October, he defeated D. Woods by a two-to-one margin in the general election for a seat in the 38th Congress. Chasewho befriended him, seeing him as a younger version of himself.

The two men agreed politically, and both were part of the Radical wing of the Republican Party. Many radicals, led in the House by Pennsylvania's Thaddeus Stevenswanted rebel-owned lands confiscated, but Lincoln threatened to veto any bill that would do that on a widespread basis.

Garfield, in debate on the House floor, supported such legislation and, discussing England's Glorious Revolutionhinted that Lincoln might be thrown out of office for resisting the bills.

He supported the confiscation of southern plantations and even exile or execution of rebellion leaders as a means to ensure the permanent destruction of slavery. Some financially able recruits had used the bounty system to buy their way out of service called commutationwhich Garfield considered reprehensible.

Lincoln appeared before the Military Affairs committee on which Garfield served, demanding a more effective bill; even if it cost him re-election, Lincoln was confident he could win the war before his term expired. His efforts took him to Wall Street where, the day after Lincoln's assassination, a riotous crowd led him into an impromptu speech to calm it: Clouds and darkness are round about Him! His pavilion is dark waters and thick clouds of the skies!

Justice and judgment are the establishment of His throne! Mercy and truth shall go before His face! God reigns, and the Government at Washington still lives! Johnson, an old friend, sought Garfield's backing, and their conversations led Garfield to assume that differences between president and Congress were not large.

When Congress assembled in December to Johnson's chagrin without the elected representatives of the Southern states, who were excludedGarfield urged conciliation on his colleagues, although he feared that Johnson, a former Democrat, might combine with other Democrats to gain political control if he rejoined the party.

Garfield foresaw conflict even before February when Johnson vetoed a bill to extend the life of the Freedmen's Bureaucharged with aiding the former slaves. By April, Garfield had concluded that Johnson was either "crazy or drunk with opium.

With the South still disenfranchised and Northern public opinion behind the Republicans, they gained a two-thirds majority in both houses of Congress. Garfield, having overcome his challengers at his district nominating convention, was easily re-elected.

Distracted by committee duties, he rarely spoke in connection with these bills, but was a loyal Republican vote against Johnson. Due to a court case, he was absent on the day in April when the House impeached Johnsonbut soon gave a speech aligning himself with Thaddeus Stevens and others who sought Johnson's removal. When the president was acquitted in trial before the Senate, Garfield was shocked, and blamed the outcome of the trial on its presiding officer, Chief Justice Chase, his onetime mentor.

Grant succeeded Johnson inGarfield had moved away from the remaining radicals Stevens, their leader, had died in He hailed the ratification of the 15th Amendment in as a triumph, and he favored the re-admission of Georgia to the Union as a matter of right, not politics. InGarfield opposed passage of the Ku Klux Klan Actsaying, "I have never been more perplexed by a piece of legislation. He reprised his opposition to the greenback, saying, "Any party which commits itself to paper money will go down amid the general disaster, covered with the curses of a ruined people.

Afterwards, Garfield, who made a close study of financial affairs, advocated moving towards free trade, though the standard Republican position was a protective tariff that would allow American industries to grow. This break with his party likely cost him his place on the Ways and Means Committee inand though Republicans held the majority in the House untilGarfield remained off that committee during that time. Garfield came to chair the powerful House Appropriations Committeebut it was Ways and Means, with its influence over fiscal policy, that he really wanted to lead.

The committee investigation into corruption was thorough, but found no indictable offenses. Garfield blamed the easy availability of fiat money greenbacks for financing the speculation that led to the scandal. Garfield opined, "I would say Grant was not fit to be nominated and Greeley is not fit to be elected.

The grossly inflated invoices submitted by the company were paid by the railroad, using federal funds appropriated to subsidize the project, and the company was allowed to purchase Union Pacific securities at par valuewell below the market rate.

The high expenses meant that Congress was called upon to appropriate more funds. Uncle Sam directs U. The story broke in Julyin the middle of the presidential campaign. Blaine of Maine, and Garfield. Greeley had little luck taking advantage of the scandal. When Congress reconvened after the election, Blaine, seeking to clear his name, demanded a House investigation.

Evidence before the special committee exonerated Blaine. Garfield had stated, in Septemberthat Ames had offered him stock, but he had repeatedly refused it. Testifying before the committee in January, Ames alleged that he had offered Garfield ten shares of stock at par value, but that Garfield had never taken the shares, or paid for them. A year had passed, from tobefore Garfield had finally refused it.