Romney and bush relationship

Romney and Bush Are Cousins, Finds |

romney and bush relationship

Romney's Bush and Roosevelt connections trace back to Anne Marbury Hutchinson, who settled in New York, Massachusetts and Rhode. MIAMI - Mitt Romney wanted to set the record straight: Jeb Bush wasn't a factor in his decision not to run for president a third time. Romney's foreign policy team is stacked deep with former Bush administration but it is unclear how a border fence will help "repair" relations.

Meet the Republicans seeking the presidency in 06 May Both men are pragmatic former governors, the sons of major Republican families and appear to share the same space along their party's ideological spectrum. A competition between the two would be a struggle for the same voters and the same big-money donors and would seem to only benefit the Tea Party Republicans that both Mr Bush and Mr Romney have battled against.

But their relationship has been marked by a long history of conflicting ambitions and frustration, mainly directed by Mr Romney towards Mr Bush for not doing more to support his two presidential bids. They both want to be president.

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George Romney, Mitt's father, was an automobile executive who later became governor of Michigan but failed in his one presidential campaign in Byboth sons were on their way to following in their fathers' footsteps. Mr Bush had been elected to his second term as governor of Florida while Mr Romney had just won his race to become governor of Massachusetts after his widely-acclaimed management of the Winter Olympics in Utah.

Their terms in office each ended four years later, but from there their paths diverged. Mr Romney, possessed by a burning desire to become president that some described as a case of "Potomac Fever" after the river that runs through Washington, immediately entered the race. But Mr Bush, whose elder brother George was still serving out his unpopular final years in the Oval Office, knew that his surname was an insurmountable barrier and stayed out of the race for president.

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Mr Romney sang from the Bush praise book on the campaign trail, saying that if Jeb had decided to run "we'd all have to stand aside because he'd be such a sure-fire winner". The flattery was intended to secure Mr Bush's endorsement before the crucial Republican primary election in Florida, where the former governor still had huge influence.

As far back as a year ago, Romney briefly considered whether to run for president again. He examined polling data and determined would be a tough year for Republicans against Democrat Hillary Clinton. Bush seemed particularly vulnerable because of the legacies of the bad economy and Iraq war under his brother, President George W. A venture capitalist, Romney is the embodiment of the financial elite — a support base he shares with Bush.

It’s A Family Thing: Finds that Romney and George W. Are Cousins

Some took it as a sign he was dissing Bush and talking up Sen. Chris Christie had to say. He also mentioned Texas Sen. Four years later, Romney was urged to run by those who thought Bush was a problematic candidate. The story leaked out in mid-January that Bush might endorse Romney. Nevertheless, they pulled back and indicated there would be no endorsement before the Florida primary.

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Bradshaw suggested Gage, now a consultant and cable news commentator, favors Rubio. Two back Rubio, whose endorsement was also sought in by Romney. Both Rubio and Bush endorsed Romney well after he looked like the nominee. The Romney-Bush-Rubio triangle stretches back towhen Bush personally called Romney in April and asked the former Massachusetts governor to support Rubio over then-Gov.

romney and bush relationship

Romney, who made the endorsement about a week later, was glad to support Rubio because he was no fan of Crist, whose endorsement Romney was counting on in — only to see it go at the last minute to Arizona Sen. It is not at all surprising that Jeb and I might choose to endorse someone at different times.

romney and bush relationship

Accounts differ about the meeting: