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May 19, Throughout the movie, Teddy bashes Vern with very vulgar statements and An example of this occurs during Stand by Me at the campfire. Gordie Lachance, Vern Tessio, Chris Chambers and Teddy. Duchamp, are all . The Body was filmed in as Stand By Me with the late . relationship with his family. Have them and a guidance counsellor (or teacher) who wants to. Apr 10, Walking together; Become better friends; Learn more about each other; Relate to each other via family issues. “Gordie: Do you think I'm weird?.

This is the story of four 12 year old boys who, at the end of the summer between sixth grade and junior high, make a long journey on foot to look for the dead body of a missing boy their own age. It is not an easy journey, and in the process of searching for and finding the body, they discover and reveal a great deal about themselves and one another. The fact that the story is told as a flashback to an earlier time and a simpler place a small town makes it more digestible for the adult audiences at whom the film is aimed.

The movie is rated "R" --for "strong language.

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Since we are not looking at the youth of today, but the young people we once were and still long to beit is easier to accept the cigarette smoking, the four letter words, and all the other things young people often say and do when there are no authority figures around. And the music is not the music of today's youth, but of our own.

Chris is the leader of the four boys and exhibits all the compassion, sensitivity, wisdom and understanding that most boy lovers aspire to. He is also the kind of boy that many lonely and insecure boy lovers would benefit from knowing. One of those people everyone benefits from knowing, whether they realize it at the time or not. Gordie Lachance Wil Wheaton is the boy that Chris "stands by. To make matters worse, Gordie has a recently deceased older brother -- a former high school star athlete -- that everyone understands and appreciates.

At one point, Chris tries to inspire Gordie by telling him. By the end of the film, however, Wheaton's screen presence is every bit as powerful as that of River Phoenix. Like Phoenix, Wheaton gives a performance worthy of at least an Academy Award nomination, if not the Award itself.

In reality, director Rob Reiner will probably be the only one in the film honored by the Academy, for "getting a bunch of kids to give such great performances.

He had tried to do the best but people would just look at his background and immediately label him as a bad influence. However, Gordie had similar problems with people disrespecting him, but in this case they were his parents. Since the death of his older brother, Gordie had been neglected by his parents because of what he is interests and the kind of friends his with. But the mourning of his older brother was a very emotional struggle for Gordie.

His brother was not there to support him and praise him for his stories. Therefore, he had to learn to avoid all those things people call him and question him.

In ‘Stand By Me’ – What Is The Journey Really About?

Teddy had a father that was held in a mental institute. His father once burnt his ear on the stove top and practically tried to kill him. Later, Teddy found it difficult to join the army, but he was rejected because of his glasses and his burnt ear. Vern who was the most immature, yet, self concerned of all was mostly worried about his pennies. He had many little issues such as loosing his comb and not having enough to eat. One can say that his issues were not as serious as the others but on the other hand, seemed like a great deal to him.

Although all four boys had a great relationship, they also portray superficial and altruistic friendships. One can easily tell that Chris and Gordie have a much stronger bond then they do with Teddy and Vern.

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They have shared deep feelings, stories and support for each other. On the other hand, Teddy and Vern seem like they would rather fool around and not have the same support and courage as Chris and Gordie do.

This was proven when the four boys were confronted with the older gang. As soon as Vern and Teddy saw sensed they were in danger, they immediately ran away leaving Chris and Gordie by themselves. Throughout the trip, all four boys had to learn how to survive with themselves, mentally and physically.