Yoh and anna relationship

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yoh and anna relationship

He would never understand the complex relationship between Yoh and Anna. When he had first met Yoh and shortly thereafter, Anna, Manta had thought he. In Shaman King, Anna is the fiancée and later wife of Asakura Yoh and is a Anna and Asakura Hao seem to have an odd relationship of their own - Anna. Every since yoh and Anna were young children they've been engaged and yoh Relationship with Lyserg Diethel: Although,the two have never interacted that.

Tbh, I only got my hands on the Osorezan arc a couple of years ago, and I still understood how their relationship was. Because, as much as the anime kinda summarized a lot, things were still there; mostly subtle, but they were there. To the heteronormativity of the male being tough and the female pouring her feelings out with over the top gestures every chance she has. Because they know they have one another.

Anna grew out of her demons, literally, because he understood her pain. His past dwelled on him as a shadowy reminder — he was not like the rest of them, and they would notice it sooner or later, and when they did, they would hurt him, as it always happened. And she started to wonder in her solitude - if her parents were like that already, what did everyone else think of her? She became able to know the unspoken.

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Those cruel, horrid thoughts scared her, scarred her to no end, and made her miserable. And that misery took form. She was a block of ice, afraid of the world, afraid of the darkness, afraid of herself. It was just so weird and wrong, she had to make him realize how dreadful the world was.

But, what do you know, he already knew. He was also hurting. But he still smiled. In fact, now that I think about it, the choosing of the Spirit of Earth was a perfect fit for Yoh. And the use he made of it was even better: He attracts everyone, and provides them of solid ground — despite that airy head of his. Yoh saved her by showing her there was something to believe in, showing her that it was good to be different, that it was good to be strong, that she could be strong with him, that she could be herself around him, that he cared about her, that he would always help her, that he would give it all for her because she was worth it.

She was worth everything. Yoh saved her by showing her love. Even if you take it as a friendly love, or just someone caring for someone else, and for whatever reason, be it because they shared the same pain of rejection and fear, be it because he felt she needed his help, be it because they just felt like it.

They loved each other in that crucial moment, and their loved saved them both. By showing her love, she gave birth to love, as well — and, that way, he saved her, and she saved herself, too. Despite their relationship starting way too roughly and sudden, it grew and blossomed until they both realized they had fallen for each other which happened the same rough, sudden way, and that seems to be a trend with both of them, I mean, Hana.

They had both handed their lives to each other, they were going to marry and stay together forever, they both found it incredibly awkward and hard to explain, but, at the same time, they both felt it to be so right, there was no need for anything else.

And that was, and still is, the cutest thing. When a rickety old man is summoned, she worries about Yoh, but the master quickly surprises everyone by easily defeating Pyron. The gang watches Pyron and Jun leave as friends. When Tokageroh possesses Yoh, Anna is seen crying for the first time when she worries that Tokageroh may actually kill Yoh.

However, when the ghost thanks, Yoh, Anna goes back to her scary self and increases Yoh's training. When Umemiya Ryunosuke gets up the next morning, Anna announces that Ryu is a shaman. She also summons Mosukeinto Ryu's body to reforge Harusame, and says that Ryu's debt is settled. Anna goes home while Yoh is doing his test and forces Manta to cook. She explains why Yoh could be Shaman King and why she loves Yoh so dearly. When Yoh comes home he has a pager in reality an Oracle Bell and a hair on his body.

Anna beats Yoh senseless since she thinks they are from another woman. Yoh tries over selling to show Anna what he has learned but realizes he has no more Furyoku and all he has to show for it is Amidamaru in a rather explicit position. Anna beats him more and the beeper rings giving Yoh his first match, against some guy named Usui Horokeu. Anna goes shopping when Yoh is training for his first match. She tells him to go inside because she is tired from shopping and she has something to do.

The rest of the time flies by and the day of the battle arrives. Anna gives Yoh a new battle outfit and Yoh complains how it looks like the one he wore while he was four years old. Anna reveals that she had seen it personally as Yoh should not embarrass the Asakura Family while fighting in the tournament and is ready to bust their heads in.

Yoh, however, quickly change opinions and now likes the costume. Horohoro then calls from above drops sixty stories and makes fun of the costume.

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The battle begins and for awhile Yoh is losing. Later Horohoro reveals his dream and Yoh considers forfeiting. Anna smacks him back to normal and the battle resumes. Anna then watches Yoh win and they all head home.

yoh and anna relationship

Silva of the Ten Patch Officiants appears and makes fun of Anna for a bit. Silva and Anna leave to go do something while Yoh waits for the fight. Anna and Silva go to a restaurant and they talk for a bit. Silva explains that a shaman killed another during a different fight and that is Yoh's opponent today.

yoh and anna relationship

Anna is unmoved by it and continues eating. Silva then tells Anna that the shaman is a necromancer. Anna is now worried and knows exactly what these kinds of shamans can do in a cemetery like this one.


Anna leaves refusing to forfeit the match. Anna goes to town and buys a raincoat. When she goes to the match location she rescues Manta but watches Yoh lose. When Faust uses his twenty-two-ton skeleton, both Anna and Silva rushes in to save Yoh but Tao Ren suddenly appears on his horse and defeats it. He excuses his actions by saying that he could not let his next opponent die like that.

Anna then watches Yoh lose Manta at the hospital and travels with him to the Asakura Family Inn in Izumo was Yoh wants more training from his grandfather. Anna later appears and stops Tamamura Tamao from killing Manta and Ryu. They head to the Yomi hole and wait for Yoh's return. Yoh comes out and is exactly the same.

Anna asks why Yoh is not half dead which Yoh says it does not matter. Anna shows up a bit later on Yohmei's request bringing Amidamaru and Harusame.

Anna watches Yoh easily defeat the Shikigami Yohmei uses. Anna does not go to Yoh's final match saying there is is no point in stopping fights between men. Anna asks Tamao to go grocery shop and relax.

Anna knows Yoh tied with Ren since she used Ponchi and Conchi to watch the entire fight. The next day people show up at Yoh's door for a party which they happily oblige. The night before Yoh leaves for the second round Anna alongside with Tamao prepares a meal for Yoh, but as he spends time with Manta, he never arrives home to eat, and when he finally comes home Anna is apparently half asleep. However, Anna goes to Yoh and delivers him his new battle uniform, plus a package sent by Yohmei.