Yoshimori and tokine relationship advice

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yoshimori and tokine relationship advice

Summary Jaren appears in front of Yoshimori, Tokine, and Hakubi. Kurogane's heart, but Yoshimori says the relationship between Takeshi and Kurogane isn't on the head, saying that he should take his own advice and not listen to Jaren. Yoshimori and Tokine in uniform Madarao and Yoshimori tracking an Ayakashi that doubles as a collar) that assists them in their duties and offers needed advice. . create and summon a landlord to maintain the connection to their heart . Jealousy (ヤキモチ, Yakimochi) is the th chapter of the Kekkaishi Manga written and illustrated by Yellow Tanabe. They go up to the roof, and Julia asks what Tokine's relationship is with Yoshimori. Tokine naturally denies this, but soon realizes that Yoshimori must have.

She bears a scar on her right hand, which she received while protecting Yoshimori from an Ayakashi in their childhood. Personality Tokine is cool, calm, and collected.

Chapter 128: Confidence

She takes her job as a Kekkaishi very seriously, and has viewed Karasumori as a highly dangerous place for much of her life. Her hobbies include studying and occasionally hanging out with friends. Tokine is constantly impressed by the power and potential Yoshimori has, but is constantly frustrated by his poor control and lazy attitude, [3] as well as his habit of putting himself in danger unnecessarily.

She cares for Yoshimori and often protected him many times when he was younger.

yoshimori and tokine relationship advice

She also likes to tease him and isn't aware of his feelings for her. However, as the story progresses, she begins to show clear signs of affection for Yoshimori, though this is typically expressed through Tokine bursting into frustrated tears while she verbally or physically attacks Yoshimori after he does something incredibly dangerous.

The greatest indicator of Tokine's feelings for Yoshimori occurs in the anime: While Tokine is sometimes referred to as the weakest Kekkaishi in the series usually by enemies who greatly underestimate hershe is clearly the most ruthless. Examples of her ruthless pragmatism are her disregard for the health of Kimiya Hachioji when he is possessed by Nouotokoand the forbidden murder of the Hidagou Lord that invades Karasumori and attacks its defenders.

Tokine is also much more serious and strict than Yoshimori, and often unknowingly says harsh things that, when combined with Yoshimori's overactive imagination, temporarily cause him to spiral into small fits of depression. Tokine scolds Yoshimori almost as much as his grandfather does, but this is largely out of concern for him.

More than likely, Tokine's serious and strict nature originates both from seeing her father die right in front of her when she was a young girl, and from her grandmother Tokiko, who is also quite strict.

She is frequently exasperated by the great lengths Yoshimori is willing to go to to protect her; when she learns about his plans to seal Karasumori forever, she calls him insane for trying to accomplish such an impossible goal.

She notes that Yoshimori tries to do everything on his own, and tells him she wants to help in any way she can.

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Unlike Yoshimori, who is typically tired and irritable during the day, Tokine seems to almost never be tired during school and, for the most part, is a capable student. During school hours, Tokine is fairly isolated; despite her popularity with boys, she rarely speaks to them even going so far as to order Yoshimori not to speak to her at school, though this rule is relaxed when there is Kekkaishi business to discuss.

She also has very few school friends, and is even somewhat distant with them, usually because protecting Karasumori is at the forefront of her mind, and any other matter is secondary in importance. History As children, Tokine and Yoshimori played together, though in secret due to their family rivalry despite this, both of their fathers encouraged their friendship.

Tokine often rescued and comforted Yoshimori whenever he found himself in trouble, but as a result, he managed to leave a lasting impression on her as being a crybaby in need of her protection.

Both Tokine and Yoshimori began their Kekkaishi training at an early age: Tokine began training seriously as a child so she could one day assist her father, but between his desire for her to wait and his unexpected death in the line of duty, this never happened.

yoshimori and tokine relationship advice

By then, 9 year-old Tokine had already been on active duty for some time Masamori was active at the same time and watched over them, stepping aside once Yoshimori was appointed.

Worried that Yoshimori was too immature and not taking the job seriously, Tokine purposely allowed a small Ayakashi to roam free on Yoshimori's first night of active duty, hoping him catching it would boost his confidence.

Yoshimori and Tokine (Kekkaishi)?

However, not only did he fail to catch it, but Hanauoa much larger Ayakashi, appeared and devoured it. Though Yoshimori was able to capture Hanauo with his larger than necessary Kekkai, he had trouble containing it, and it was only with Tokine's help that he was able to destroy it.

Tokine then used Tenketsu to clean up the particles, by which time Yoshimori had fallen asleep, exhausted from the night's activities.

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Yoshimori, still unwilling to take his Kekkaishi duties seriously, encountered an Ayakashi that had the appearance of a young, wounded girl. Up on the roof, Yoshimori is relaxing when he hears Julia's voice, and sees her dragging his Shikigami clone.

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Yoshimori tries to signal his Shikigami to escape, but instead it stays, allowing Julia to hug it, much to Yoshimori's annoyance. Yoshimori returns to class thoroughly depressed, since the Shikigami promised to see Julia after school.

yoshimori and tokine relationship advice

Hiromu admits that it might not be such a bad thing, since Julia is pretty, and Yoshimori likes older girls. Yoshimori goes to the high school section and considers asking Tokine to pose as his girlfriend so he can get rid of Julia, but the very thought overwhelms him.

Madoka notices him and warns him to do something about Julia, since Tokine is really mad. She offers to go get Tokine, but soon comes back and sadly reports that Tokine doesn't want to see him.

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Yoshimori wonders if this means Tokine might actually be jealous. After school, Yoshimori decides to try his luck at running away from Julia.

Hiromu warns him that Karasumori Academy has always produced a large number of exceptionally talented people that excel in various fields, and thinks Julia might be one of them. After Yoshimori leaves, Hiromu adds that Julia displays approximately a twenty-fold increase in athletic skill when pursuing a target.

Yoshimori flees over the rooftops, shocked that Julia is able to keep up with him. Just when he is considering using a KekkaiJulia suddenly falls off a roof, and Yoshimori has no choice but to save her again.

yoshimori and tokine relationship advice