Fire emblem canas ending a relationship

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fire emblem canas ending a relationship

Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade — originally released under the title Fire Emblem in A thousand years have passed since those dark days ended. . Bad Powers, Good People: Canas, given that he has access to Nosferatu (which Priscilla brings it up again during their Supports and attempts to pursue the relationship. My friend is holding a fanfiction contest for Fire Emblem, 2. to let Karel slaughter Bartre, since Karel became the Saint of Swords in the end. In their A Support, Canas was fatigued because he wasn't used to such And if any of you are into relationships (or about to go into relationships because of the. Canas · Portrait. nobody. Portrait Bartre Portrait Nino Portrait Pent Portrait Renault Portrait Vaida.

I know I must have felt something. But I was still uncertain as to even think of what it meant. He looked like he was going to wince, as if to take a blow from my blade or my words. Either way, one of those things would have been painful.

But did he not understand that that had made me happy? In fact, that had made me feel like I wasn't alone. It must have been my thoughts that were usually shunned away to the dark depths, but I was somewhat ignoring them, if not subduing them on what they were trying to tell me.

But when I let those thoughts escape into my mind, I felt something warm up inside of me. A warmth I had longed for, perhaps, it felt like an eternity since feeling like this. The time I remember my brother carrying me on his back on the scarlet plains when we were only children. I think it was because I must have twisted my ankle or the sort of another thing. He may have not remember that, my brother Karel, but I did.

And how I longed for my brother to go back to the way he used to be. Not like this person who took his place. Not the man who had bloodlust in his eyes, and that inward smirk that showed no remorse when slaying his enemies with no reluctance without thinking at one fleet moment to hold backand when blood was in his sight. He's somewhat a shadow of his former self, and now, all he wants to do is live in bloodshed. For Elimine's sakes, he can even smell the blood off of our comrades as he must have travelled far and wide in the midst of a fray.

I am assuming that everywhere he goes, there's bound to be blood and gore, having battle everywhere. Or, at least, that's when he shows up. Amongst us, the sound of the fray still went on, but it was like it was only us, and us alone, who resided here.

I can hear my little apprentice, the Tactician, shouting her voice hoarse of orders, and I see that she had been growing up these years, it was like she was no longer the student who struggled against the art of the blade. Many times, I've seen her struggle. Day in and day out, she would wield the sword until her muscles had burned like fire, and she kept her pain veiled in the mask of indifference.

She did always hide her emotions, not revealing anything, for fear she may get hurt. And, for some time that I've wanted to do this, I smiled. It was like one of those people who never smile at all, and when they do smile, it is rather rare to see. I've smiled very slightly, wistfully, perhaps smirk sometimes.

The only times I ever did smile was when my brother used to be so together and when the apprentice always stuck at my side, even when Karel had ran away for his own reasons. But something told me I would get something good out of this conversation. And so, I continued to smile, following my subconscious. And, hearing this, he shot me a look of more confusion, even his eyes had said the unspoken truth of it all, especially on why he said what he said.

I felt my robe ruffle slightly, but I turned around, my back to him, preparing to face the Fate head-on. I held his words to heart, as of mine. I will not break that vow on training harder. I was determined to give my best when we meet. I could've sworn I heard him say something. But I did not have the chance to do that as my smile now disappeared.

fire emblem canas ending a relationship

The cool, collected facade that I was familiar with for so long had resurfaced on instinct. Only this time, an inward smirk, like my brother's bloodthirsty one, flickered onto my facial expression like a candlelight. Had I let my opportunity go. I had to walk into the battle which determined Life or Death to the world. But something is amiss. The last time I ever saw Bartre then was when I was at Ostia, we had somewhat of a reunion. He had sent me letters by carrier-pigeon since he goes around Elibe to fight, to be stronger, and though his handwriting was abysmal, I was still able to read it.

I wrote back as soon as I had received the letters whereas helping myself get stronger by training with Hitomi. Had I walked away from something that I may never find again. My apprentice had told me some things that I have taken into consideration, which is probably why I feel a small piece of emotion that keeps entering its way through my heart. I can recall on what she told me before the whole army dispersed.

To the world, you're just one person, but to one person, you could mean the world What was happening to me now. Had I really done a mistake? Snapping my eyes open, I felt my hand grasped onto the Wo Dao's hilt in instinct.

Getting up from where I had occupied, I dusted my robe off, and sought to it that if she got hurt or killed, I would kill that person in her name, make that person die from my hands.

I am not one to think such thoughts, but that is the way we have to survive. I heard other yells. Approaching from where I last heard, this amusing scene had came into my view. I saw my young look-alike latching onto this young man. One who seemed familiar. His azure eyes had widened with shock, and perhaps embarrassment, as the young girl squealed again, her facial expression of happiness.

I rose an eyebrow, casting an amused eye to the two, maybe trying not to laugh of the whole ordeal. But I had eyed this man carefully. A braid of forest-green hair. It's been so long! Raising both eyebrows at the name, I cleared my throat.

Both looking up, the little one immediately lets go of him. I am not an apprentice anymore It was probably from Hitomi's grip, and I could not blame him, it was pretty strong. He couldn't have been here. And for what seemed like many times, I rose an eyebrow again, neutrality intact. A figure shifted behind Guy, and from what I've felt now, I was more than prepared to cut whoever it was down.

But something stopped me from doing so. Familiar eyes reflected into my own dark ones. Familiar ones that I've only seen on the one and only person. I took a step back from the two, and at this, Hitomi lets go, suddenly hiding behind me. Guy was watching carefully as the two of us stared the other down.

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Was I supposed to be afraid? Well, when I had talked to him last, I had told him I would wait for my brother to come home. Did he really want to come home?

fire emblem canas ending a relationship

I could feel Hitomi grasping onto me for support in case something did happen. I send her a knowing look of reassurance and shifted my gaze back to my brother. Is it true, then? That you are the Saint of Swords, yes? Feeling a heavy burden release my shoulders, I knew my prayers had been answered. I had not seen both Guy or my brother for the past two years. I took a tentative step towards my elder sibling, releasing my sword-arm from my blade.

Silence exchanged from us and Hitomi went inside the hut to brew some tea she made, Guy following along behind her.

Fire Emblem Elibe

For what seemed like a long time, an immense quiet was among the two of us, the two famed swordmasters who had sought off to kill. My brother stepped closer to me, his equally long hair of dark brown following his movements.

And before I knew what happened, I felt arms wrapped around my shoulders. My brother, the formally known Sword Demon, had embraced me this day. Instinctively, I embraced back rather reluctantly. I wonder what made him change this much, to go back home, to come see me. I felt something well up in my eyes, but I shook my head slightly so to shake off the feeling.

I relaxed my head onto his shoulder, at the side of his neck. He murmurs something, so I perk up my head ever-so-slightly so to hear his voice into my ear. There's someone who wants to see you I was kept into this position for a lingering few moments, rendered speechless once more.

Did he really want to come home. Finally, he lets go of me slowly, staring into my eyes again.

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A curt, silent nod from him beckoned me to go deeper into the scarlet plains. Bewildered, I saw him follow in after his apprentices. Gripping on the Wo Dao again, reluctantly, I went to go where he wanted me to. The plains were scarlet now as I've seen the sunset. Vivid colors of crimson, yellow and orange streaked into the sky, as if fire had been painted onto it. A hue of amethyst can be seen far-off, but the fiery colors looked like they have been drawn permanently, as if Time had stood still.

Something massive flew past me, and at that fleeting moment, I took out the Wo Dao in quick precision, blocking that familiar glint of a weapon. I see you have not changed since we've last met, Karla, you braggart!

I felt myself twirl in a fluid moment, taking careful paces back as I spinned, positioning my sword in front of me. My eyes widened slightly on who assaulted me. Seeing this, he parried it, tiny sparks erupting when the two forms of weaponry clashed. His swift swing of the arched blade was cutting through the atmosphere diagonally, swift strokes from such a warrior.

In instinct, I blocked them, trying to cut through his defense. Ursula also makes a short appearance in Lyndis' story in a gaiden chapter. Renault can be visited in a shrine during Kishuna's first appearance even though he cannot be recruited until near the end of the game.

Isadora also has a very brief appearance in the first chapter of Eliwood's story, before he sets out. Heath briefly shows up in the Hector mode exclusive chapter, Talon's Alight, way before the chapter where he is recruited. Earn Your Bad Ending: This is actually harder to achieve than it sounds since a number of factors like total turn count and money go into determining rank, so you actively have to sabotage yourself in specific ways to get your rank that low. Athos joins your party in the final chapter.

Eleventh Hour Super Power: When Athos join s your party at the end of the game, he comes with legendary weapons for each of the Lords plus some extremely powerful weapons for himself. They all of report to Brandon Reed, the boss of the Black Fang. Her mother, Lady Madelyn, was the daughter of the Marquis of Caelin. Her father, Hassar, was the leader of the Lorca Tribe, one of the three tribes of Sacae, a group of nomadic people.

In order to stay together, Madelyn left Caelin to live with her lover on the Sacaen plains. King Desmond towards Guinivere. Somewhat subverted by the fact that he apparently believes himself to be the only one allowed to love her. Even Evil Has Standards: Uhai holds Lyn hostage, but only to deliver a message to the enemy so they won't shoot him, and to make himself look like a more vicious opponent. Even though he could have easily killed her, he lets her go because he says it is shameful to hold hostages during battle and he notes that they are both Sacaeans.

When he dies, he tells the party the way to the Dragon's Gate.

Fire Emblem: Unpromoted Canas' Journey

The Ganelon Bandits are disgusted by the way the Taliver bandits work. And they are even offended when you ask if they belong to them. Note that they are disgusted by the Taliver bandits' practice of wastefully killing women, rather than profitably selling them into slavery. So Evil has standards, but the standards themselves are pretty Evil.

This is actually a case of Blatant Liesas Migal, after swearing how they don't kill women, proceeds to attack Lyn. Even such a ruthless assassin as Jaffar balked at the way Sonia treated Nino. The Sacaeans are treated poorly by most of Elibe's other countries due to both their nomadic lifestyle and their intensive pride.

This becomes a point of contempt for Lyn during her story, and in her supports with Eliwood, she expresses fear of being ousted in Caelin's court due to her mixed blood. Darkness or inclement weather affect some chapters. The first time you play it, the tutorials are unskippable unless you link with Fire Emblem: Many characters are the parents of people who appear in Binding Blade, yet were never mentioned by their kids.

To handle this, the Where Are They Now epilogue mentions several characters were killed offscreen in between games. Hector swears to protect his children until the day he dies. We learn the Bern royal family is having Given what eventually happened the previous game, that didn't turn out well. The dad tries to kill the prince many times and almost succeeds, the embittered prince kills his dad, locks up his little sister, sets out to take over the world.

And nobody knows what happened to his mom. Do you regret saving him now? Lyn on a typical playthrough depends on dodging and landing double attacks.

Gameplay and Story Integration: Pent and Louise are happily married. They also start with an A support ranking because of it. If one of them falls, the other permanently leaves the party too in order to help the other off the battlefield and the two return home. Renault the Bishop was a Mercenary in his backstory. There's some confusion over the timelinebut it's possible he spent centuries slaughtering people to gather quintessence for Nergal.

And his stats show it — his HP and Defense are ridiculously high for a Bishop, while his Magic is atrocious. Gameplay and Story Segregation: They can be divided into: Mentioning a unit's presence when that unit might be dead or not in your army.

For example, Priscilla to Guy: Mentioning a unit's participation in the battle when they may have not come. For example, Oswin to Serra: Mentioning a unit's inventory which might be different from the description.

For example, Florina to Lyn: My lance is here Subverted with Serra, who acts genki but is more of a Stepford Smiler. Rebecca is more of the real deal. Nino also acts rather Genki in some of her supports. Good Powers, Bad People: Kenneth, a boss who is of the Bishop class uses light magic.

In fact, the characters are quite shocked to find a Bishop is fighting them and wanting to kill them. Good Scars, Evil Scars: Played with; most characters follow conventions, but Brendan, the leader of the Black Fang, has noble intentions despite being on the opposing side and evil in appearance.

Go Out with a Smile: In the final dungeon, Nergal creates Morphs of practically every major boss in the game. When you kill them, their pale portraits turn into normal colors, they close their eyes, and they smile in an almost relieved fashion, as if thanking you for killing them. Grey and Grey Morality: This almost borders to White and Grey Morality in a couple occasions. Several Black Fang bosses are indeed bad people, especially Pascal his chapter is called Crazed Beast for a reason.

fire emblem canas ending a relationship

However, Uhai is above taking hostages, especially a Sacean woman. Lloyd, Linus, and Ursula likewise are not bad people, and Jaffar certainly looks evil at first until you recruit him. DarinJermeand Kenneth are clear cut assholes, but it's heavily implied that Ner gal had influenced them into doing what they did or becoming who they are by the time you meet them.

This especially seems the case when they are resurrected as Morphs. Hell, Nergal takes the cake when it comes to the most despicable villains and the most tragic of them all.

fire emblem canas ending a relationship

Many of the gaiden chapters require you to complete a chapter in a set amount of turns or to visit a certain village, but Chapter 19xx is notorious for having very strange ones: Leveling your Spoony Bard to level 7 which means Level Grinding and lots of it on your second playthrough of Lyn's tale see Forced Tutorial abovechoose Hector's Story after completing the prologue and kill the Bonus Boss in Chapter 19x itself a Side Quest.

There's also a gaiden chapter unlocked by making sure your party gets a certain amount of experience while the enemy throws itself at a One-Man Army NPC. If you max out Ninian's levels by then and there is nobody for you to heal constantly it would be impossible to get experience points after most of the enemies are wiped out.

While you will inevitably fight and kill both of the Reed brothers, the game uses a somewhat obscure method to determine which one you fight first in "Four Fanged Offense": And depending on the map you got and your actions there, you will either get Karel or Harken. Of all the characters in the game. Karla has a particularly obscure recruitment method. You need to be on Hector's Story, you need to bring Bartre to "Battle Preparations" the optional shopping trip before the final battleand he needs to be promoted and at least Lv 5.

Do all this and she appears on the map, and you have to have them fight, with both surviving a round of combat which parctically requires Bartre to hold the Iron Rune since Karla is a Swordmaster.

This makes sense if you've played Binding Blade, where Bartre joined as a Warrior albeit only at level 2 and had a daughter with Karla, but since that game was No Export for YouWestern fans were left with no hints to this recruitment.

fire emblem canas ending a relationship

Good luck finding the Secret Shops and all their incredibly useful wares without a guide though at least these are actually supposed to be secret, and they do have a slightly different map tile to indicate that they are there. Or for that matter, the locations of treasure on the desert map. You can buy them later Some of the rankings mechanics are not as obvious as they look. For example, the "Funds" ranking is not just how much cash you have on hand; it counts the value of all items in your possession too, right down to their their number of uses left.

The buying value of your items, not the selling value; if you sell that White Gem for 10, gold, you actually lose 10, gold.

Have fun getting an S rank without knowing that Because Pent and Louise are already married, their support ranks to each other has already reached A. However to unlock the conversations they must talk to each other in 3 specific maps to do so. Canas was killed by continuity errors!

Hector swears to protect his children until the day he dies. Early on in Sword of Seals, Roy meets a dying Hector. We learn the Bern royal family is having Yeah, that didn't turn out well. To make things clear, the dad tries to kill the prince many times and almost succeeds, the embittered prince kills his dad, locks up his little sister, sets out to take over the world. Normally, the series has the characters' bust shots talking to each other, but in Fire Emblem 7, this actually makes the most sense.

Most of the time You're viewing it from the Tactician's point of view. This explains why they sometimes look towards the screen and address you. In Fire Emblem 7, he's actually not a bad fighter and is a Crutch Character who fits the Oifey stereotype better a pre-promoted unit who actually maintains usefulness throughout the game. In Fire Emblem 6, he's practically Jagen incarnate. In Sword of Seals, he's much older.

In 7 he's as much in his 40's, which would make him at least 60 in The same could be said for all the other pairings listed getting straight options. Subverted with Serra, who acts genki but is more of a Stepford Smiler. Rebecca is more of the real deal. Grey and Grey Morality: This almost borders to White and Grey Morality in a couple occasions. Several Black Fang bosses are indeed bad people, especially Jerme and Kenneth.

However, Uhai is above taking hostages, especially a Sacean woman. Lloyd, Linus, and Ursula likewise are not bad people, and Jaffar certainly looks this way at first. Many of the gaiden chapters require you to complete a chapter in a set amount of turns or to visit a certain village, but Chapter 19xx is notorious for having very strange ones: Leveling your Spoony Bard to level 7 which means Level Grinding and lots of it on your second playthrough of Lyn's tale see Forced Tutorial above and killing the Bonus Boss in Chapter 19x itself a Sidequest.