Ghost sweeper mikami ending a relationship

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ghost sweeper mikami ending a relationship

A description of tropes appearing in Ghost Sweeper Mikami. If he's not in some unpleasant situation by the end of a chapter due to Mikami's neglect or abuse. Reiko Mikami (美神 令子 Mikami Reiko) is the protagonist of the Ghost Sweeper Reiko works as a Ghost Sweeper following Japanese traditional methods, famous defining the original sibling relationship that Reiko and Saijo had as kids. All that leaving to our imagination the final, Mikami and Yokoshima get But i have to admit that GS Mikami was his first manga and really.

It turns out that Daishuu acts very much like Yokoshima does when trying to woo the woman who would be Yokoshima's mother Yokoshima's probably just taking a few notes from his parents' experience. Mikami was, quite understandably, disturbed. Later on, it turns out that Yokoshima's past life, Takashima, was a womanizer on par with Daishuu. If you were a woman in Heian-era Kyoto, no matter your class, Takashima was probably interested in you. The Man Behind the Man: Medusa, despite being a dragon god in her own right, is a member of Astaroth's faction of demons.

She lets this slip when she refers to the possibility of being given an order to assassinate Mikami or her mother.

Not to the point that the Fourth Wall is non-existent, but it happens quite a bit. There's even a point where Yokoshima disparaged the author, who immediately sends down a bolt of lightning to fry him, on a sunny day, and in broad daylight.

The frequency rises somewhat as the series goes on. Okinu, until her death. Now she's a lovable ghost girl. Has a habit of going from tense to comedy and back again. Lampshaded on a few occasions. She's a general Control Freak who will not suffer anything to not go her way. This includes Yokoshima not wanting to live with her or Daishuu, and him working with Mikami.

Thing is, she's actually one of, if not the most rational person in the series, as admitted by Mikami herself.

Reiko Mikami

There's a ridiculously short supply of rational thought and behavior in the manga. My Skull Runneth Over: Chaos has a continuously solved version of this. Because of his lifespan and studies, his brain is literally full with information. Whenever he learns something new, his brain just overwrites something earlier. Nice Job Breaking It, Hero! Mikami unbinding Okinu from Mt. Orochi had a rather unpleasant side-effect. Namely, de-sealing the earth vein that a demonic plant was barred from draining.

The seal was Okinu's own soul. No-one Could Survive That! Mikami thinks that Ashtaroth is finally out of her hair after he and Vespa get pounded with a swarm of nuclear missiles that Papilio called back. However, the fact that Hyakume still isn't getting any better makes Saijou think that this isn't the case.

There's also the scene of Dogura who admittedly thrives on radioactive material anyway making its own escape Yukinojou feels this way towards Yokoshima. Yokoshima is somewhat oblivious to this, something that becomes way funnier when its revealed that both of them had dueled before Of course at the end came the twist where the Movie Star recalled that when he made said confession, the girl had told him she actually liked Yokoshima better, and there was fierce competition.

Ashtaroth, who considers the whole cosmos to have been rotten with death and decay from the start, and so plans to not merely conquer the cosmos, but erase and rewrite it to match his in his eyes rot-proof will. Although, Mikami had called him out a bit ''before'' he uttered as muchafter sensing that intent in the galaxy egg. Almost every single possible type. Though in the Dream of the future the three end up to be type 6.

Out with a Bang: After the Mephistopheles incident, Ashtaroth decided to prevent a repeat occurrence by installing several failsafes in his later created servants that would kill them if they took any similar steps. Once he learns about that, Yokoshima can't bring himself to bed Luciola, at least until Ashtaroth and his failsafes are dead and gone.

Chaos is the epitome of this. No matter what he does to try to get his rent money, it backfires on him. Kobato and her mother were also caught in this, until Yokoshima lifted the curse attached to the binboukami. It's taking some time to properly wane, though.

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Yokoshima also suffers from this, due the absurdly low salary Reiko pays him, though that seems to be changing after he developed his own spiritual powers. After Meiko temporarily shreds her shyness to save Mikami from a Lotus-Eater MachineMikami pets the exhausted Meiko and decides for once to care more for her than for the money prize.

She's also shown to care about Yokoshima a lot more than she'll ever admit. Partly justified in that they're a kind of werewolf and descendants of Fenrir. The main traits they keep in human form are the tail and the fangs. There's also Tamamo, a kyuube no kitsune whose hair in human form resembles the nine tails of her fox form. Hinome, Mikami's new baby sister and Tamamo. Shiro is accelerated from about six to about twelve or thirteen by adsorbing a lot of ki from Mikami and Yokoshima to heal the wounds inflicted by Inukai.

As a result, we discover that Shiro isn't a boy, but a girl. The Power of Lust: Tadao Yokoshima has always been driven for girls and that's the main reason why he works for Reiko Mikami despite her abuse and the low payments. But later it's discovered that he has spiritual abilities that are powered by lust.

They're seen for first time early on in the manga, and in one episode of the anime series, in which he serves as "spirit battery" for Emi Ogasawara. He eventually develops this power and becomes a proper ghost sweeper, even rivalizing in power with Mikami herself.

Yokoshima uses one of his Monju beads to make a demon fall in love with him.

Ghost Sweeper Mikami / Characters - TV Tropes

Time will tell whether he uses it that way again. The possibilities are endless, and a Lovable Sex Maniac of his caliber wouldn't let them go untried.

It happens in the very next story arc—he tries to use one to peer into the showers of a school while some of the students are in there.

ghost sweeper mikami ending a relationship

Only running into an emerging Okinu stops him. With a very strong sense of justice, she believes that evil will never prevail, which is why she became a ghost sweeper in the first place.

But unlike his son, Daishuu is very popular with women. He is shown to have incredible power for a regular person, and even manages to beat up spirits bare handed, which might be an explanation of the origin of Yokoshima's high spiritual power. She used to work in the same company as Daishuu as his supervisor, but in the end she fell in love with him and married him.

This puts her in a similar situation as Mikami currently, who is also showing feelings towards her subordinate. She possesses strong pyrokinetic abilities and is most likely to surpass her sister one day. Because her power is uncontrollable, it has to be sealed for as long as she cannot handle it.

Due to an accident, he gained an unmatchable telepathy ability he cannot control, only with Mikami Michie's help, they were able to weaken it so he can live a normal life. The two got married soon afterwards. It is implied that he is even poorer than Yokoshima because he always spends his entire money on training and travelling.

He first served as Medusa's henchman, but later left their group and became an ally of Yokoshima. His technique is the demonic art "Masoujutsu", where he creates an armor to enhance his basic abilities.

Takashi Shiina

He ultimately rejects Astaroth's offer to bring Luciola back from the dead in favor of destroying Astaroth's plans. His old friend noted that those who actually took the time to know him will appreciate his good qualities. He did attract at least ladies that we can see, after all, some of whom were supposed to be his enemy. The only thing that seems to work on him is cutting and stabbing attacks He may not look like his parents too much, but his developing relationship with Mikami bore such a startling similarity to his parents' that Mikami became worried on a subconscious level Lampshaded by Mikami how he attracts all kinds of female supernatural beings.

Ironically enough, this includes her past self Like you wouldn't believe. Although Ironic Name would work better—Tadao means "loyal husband". Considering how he'll try to convince just about every other attractive female around his age to help him lose his virginity One file reveals that, yes, he got married to her 10 years later.

ghost sweeper mikami ending a relationship

Takes Vespa's attack that would have killed Luciola. Unfortunately Luciola uses the last of her power to pull a Heroic Sacrifice in order to save him from death.