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sweet flirt ep 8 nathaniel

Corazón de melon episodio 25 Nathaniel Armin, Cardcaptor Sakura, Love Is Sweet, Castiel . Nathaniel (Episode 8) Shoujo, Armin, Gry, My Candy Love, Flirt. Highschool Life · Characters · Male · Dateable · High School Life Dateable · University Life Dateable · Sweet Amoris · Student. Let's play DOLCE FLIRT (ITA) ▻ Ep.8 |Nathaniel|. Alix in Youtubeland. Loading Unsubscribe Game. My Candy Love (YouTube Gaming).

I can not wait to be there! As long as it gets us out of classes. I would have preferred something else, but oh well. Do you know when it will be? Yes, completely…He could have said something though! It works for me anyway. No everyone is a nerd like you!

You remember everything a lot better. I wish I had your concentration…. What kind of book? I need to take breaks from time to time.

sweet flirt ep 8 nathaniel

No, I do not really like. I read a lot of detective novels. There are a lot of other kinds of books you know! I like reading detective novels too!

I love trying to figure out who did it before I get to the end. I prefer imagining the different kinds of worlds in fantasy novels. I prefer stories with lots of emotion like in romance novels. We have something in common then!

sweet flirt ep 8 nathaniel

I love those kind of books. I prefer when we know it. Haha, I unmasked … B. How do you spend your free time then? Oh, ok, I understand…too bad. I have a great sense of direction! The same goes for you! This is not really the kind of thing that interests me you know. And if I had not spoken to Nathaniel it what would have happened? I do not have a goldfish memory!

And does not change anything, you could tell me! It is this was just a joke, I finally tell you if you were not back home.

If I had not seen Nathaniel, I would have been in big trouble! And you could not tell right away instead of beating around the bush? It was not a joke, no, it is not funny at all! I had no reason to tell you. It would have been nice for once! You took me for a courier? It will ask you I do not drink the sea.

Breathing is that the end of term exam, if you plant this is not the end of the world. I would prefer not to crash anyway. She tells me she hates competitions because the uniforms are ugly….

Uh, yeah, Amber already told us. Next, I run into Iris in the hallway. Kim seems excited about the orienteering race, but then she ditches us to study. No one told us about vacation….

Iris asks me if she can borrow my notes for Mr. I run into Lysander in the gym. I just heard something really cool!

More gossip about me? I……is he being nice, or is he being flirty? Not sure how I feel about this….

sweet flirt ep 8 nathaniel

I run into Nathaniel in the stairwell. Oops, I ran into you too late, several people know already. I would have preferred something else like making out with you in the library perhaps but oh well. Me too wait, what??

Gee Candy, I wonder why that is….? Well, the exams are tomorrow. We run into the principal in the hallway and she sends Derp Candy home to go study. We get back to school the next day and Derp Candy is freaking out because she needs to study the notes she let Iris borrow. But Lysander runs into us first. I tell him that I pulled an all-nighter because Derp Candy is derpy and forgot that there were exams today. Castiel likes bothering everybody. I do beg to differ….

And then Amber and her friends corner me in the hallway…. She thinks we looked at the exams before giving them back to Nathaniel. Nathaniel deserves a girl who can not only support him emotionally, but can keep up with him academically as well. I find Iris in the stairwell. She gives me my notes back and I decide I need to find a quiet place to study.

Do we even have time for that?? Before I even have a chance to look in the student council room, Amber ambushes me again in the hallway. She tells Derp Candy that she told Nathaniel that we have the hots for him.


We must find him immediately and find out what he says!! I find him in the student council room. About what Amber told you… What, she talked to you too?

Why would she say such ridiculous things? But, but, I am! For a minute, I believed her. Forget what I said. Yeah, okay, if you want to…. Were you still studying? And this ties in so nicely with my Derp Cat story too!

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I need to take breaks from time to time. Oh, I can SO relate to that!!

sweet flirt ep 8 nathaniel

So what are you reading? I read a lot of detective novels. There are a lot of other kinds of books you know. I love trying to figure out who did it before I get to the end. I mean, look how many spin-offs of CSI there are…. What a cute conversation. I suppose I should note that you only get this conversation if you said you liked Nathaniel at the pajama party.

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Now, what was I doing? Oh yeah, looking for somewhere to study!

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Where oh where will Derp Candy go study?? I run into Castiel again in the courtyard and ask him if he likes to read. Which one is it?