How sperm meet the egg

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how sperm meet the egg

Within a year of trying to conceive, females younger than 25 years old have an . If there is no sperm to fertilize the egg, the egg will move through the uterus. Egg Fertilization by the Sperm. Updated on October 9, Q: How does the egg meet the sperm? Sperm is deposited in the vagina and moves up through the. Dec 2, Something magical is about to happen! Watch as the ovulation process occurs, and then millions of sperm swim upstream on a quest to fertilize.

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If all of these factors are present, fertilization between sperm and egg will most likely occur. After 20 to 30 minutes, this gel turns back into liquid, which allows some sperm to start their journey to the egg. The ideal time of fertilization is around ovulation when the egg is in the fallopian tube.

Male Fertility After traveling through the vaginal canal, the strongest sperm make it to the cervix. From here, the sperm must travel through the uterus and into one of the fallopian tubes.

Since the human body functions to procreate, the egg that is released monthly from the ovaries waits for sperm cells in the fallopian tube for about a day. Additionally, sperm can survive in the female reproductive track for up to 5 days.

how sperm meet the egg

This union of egg and sperm creates a zygote fertilized egg and this new zygote cell has a core of 46 chromosomes 23 from the sperm and 23 from the egg. Embryonic Development This new zygote cell begins to divide rapidly over the next few hours through a process called mitosis, and this expanded bundle of cells is now called an embryo.

If the fertilizing sperm has a Y chromosome, the embryo will develop into a male baby, while a fertilizing sperm with an X chromosome will develop into a female baby.

How Fertilization Happens

Implantation By the time the fertilized egg reaches the uterus, it is a cluster of about cells, and it forms a blastocyst. Simultaneously, the lining of the uterus gets thicker, and the cervix is closed off with a mucus plug that will stay in place until the end of the pregnancy term. Around the time of implantation, some females may notice spotting light bleedingwhich should only last about 48 hours.


This irregularity is called an ectopic pregnancy and it can be very dangerous. Leaving the cervix they enter the womb. Here, they swim towards the Fallopian tubes. Only 1 in 14 million of the ejaculated sperm will reach the Fallopian tube, but once there the sperm should pick up chemical signals from the egg to help them find their way forward. The sperm finally near the egg and push towards its shell called the zona pellucida.

Many sperm will bind to this shell, but only 1 sperm will be allowed to go all the way through to reach the egg inside.

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Sperm can survive for a few days in the female reproductive system — hence a sperm ejaculated during intercourse on a Monday could fertilise an egg ovulated on the Tuesday or Wednesday!

How we can help you? The race is on to be the first one to plow through the hard outer layer of the egg. And there's plenty of competition. Hundreds of sperm will surround the egg during the frantic battle to the finish, all trying to penetrate the egg's membrane to reach the cytoplasm, where the sperm will then release its own genetic contribution. May the best sperm win! As soon as one lucky sperm cell succeeds in penetrating the egg, the egg immediately undergoes a chemical reaction that prevents other sperm cells from penetrating as well.

how sperm meet the egg

Then the chromosomes carried by the sperm and egg come together, and the egg is officially fertilized. Within a matter of hours, the microscopic zygote divides, then divides again and again. About a week later, a ball of around cells called a blastocyst reaches your uterus and settles down into the uterine lining. You have now reached implantation — the moment that fertilization gives way to pregnancy — when the sperm's journey gives way to your own incredible, life-transforming trip to parenthood.

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