Meet the vloggers youtube to mp3

Life as a Vlogger: What's It Like? We Asked 10 YouTubers

meet the vloggers youtube to mp3

The YouTube vloggers Ryker Gamble, Alexey Lyakh, and Megan Scraper kindest, most driven, and outgoing people you could ever meet.". You probably know about the YouTube giants – PewDiePie, Jenna to reach out to in person, YouTubers like Kaylee can quite literally be a. They're the under gamers, singers, toy unboxers, and vloggers of YouTube -- and your kids are watching them. By Caroline Knorr 2/13/

So with all the craziness going on in our lives, why would anyone choose to make one or more videos a week for either nothing or small amounts of advertising money?

3 YouTube stars have died after falling into a waterfall pool in Canada

Is it the dream of one day getting that viral hit that brings in millions of views, and with it, tons of ad money? Is it the hope that Nationwide or Audible will sponsor their videos and add to their revenue stream?

meet the vloggers youtube to mp3

Not a single YouTuber I spoke to said that it had anything to do with money. They do it because they love it, not for the fame. And of course, a huge motivation for many is just that they love it.

I love being able to look back and remember different parts of my life. I love communicating with my viewers. I vlog because I love it.

They love the process, they love talking to their fans, and they just overall enjoy what they do. For others, their motivation is the inspiration they can give. People send fanmail all the time from Brazil. Hearing these stories motivate me because I could never leave these wonderful people behind, and I always want to remind them of how lovely they are. What motivates her is the response from her audience, knowing that she is helping people. So while their motivations vary, they all basically agree on one thing: Each YouTuber said that they spend hours upon hours creating their content.

Most of the YouTubers agreed that a simple vlog can take hours, but videos that require more complex shots or editing — like skits — can take up to 10 hours total. It takes quite a lot of dedication for these vloggers to do what they do.

I volunteer every week for a Teen Clinic in my city. My biggest obstacle has definitely been finding the time, and the ENERGY, to create quality content amidst all of my other responsibilities.

3 YouTube stars have died after falling into a waterfall pool in Canada

Like many YouTubers, Alayna has a secondary channel MissAlayna where she less regularly uploads videos. How Do They Find Success?

This varied greatly from YouTuber to YouTuber. Finding such success with a premier video makes her kind of the stand-out of the group, though it certainly helped to jump start her channel. For others, success came in the form of a supportive and encouraging community.

Beckii, from the channel BeckiiOfficialsaid that a major contributing factor to her success was going to events like Summer in the Citya UK-based YouTube gathering where she got to meet tons of other YouTubers from her community. For Jessica, her collaboration came 8 months into her YouTube career when Shane Dawson who currently has over 4.

But Do They Stick Around? Of the YouTubers I spoke with, most had been around for years, but a few had been around much longer. Laura has been on YouTube for 7 years, which is impressive considering the site was only founded 10 years ago. Tweens Mark Thomas This teen entertainer has mastered the art of cross-platform self-promotion.

Adults may not necessarily understand the appeal, but kids go crazy for his stuff, including sexy, grinding dance moves and explicit music.

meet the vloggers youtube to mp3

Tweens Seventeen-year-old identical twins Brooklyn and Bailey got their start on their mom's beauty vlog, Cute Girls' Hairstyles. They now upload slickly produced videos on a range of subjects from dating to fashion to DIY.

There's nothing not to like about these charming blue-eyed beauties -- unless, maybe, they're too perfect? Tweens and teens Matty B Raps This year-old singer-songwriter uploads songs, music videos, skits, and other material to the delight of his 2 million-plus fans.

meet the vloggers youtube to mp3

He launched a cross-country tour based on his YouTube success. While stars' individual vlogs are mostly mild, the scripted series can be edgy. She vlogs, tweets, and shows up on gaming sites such as Steam and forums such as Reddit. Some of her videos contain racial and ethnic slurs, and many contain expletives.

Still, her rants draws fans who are enthralled by observations. Her videos may have some value for gamers, but overall she seems embittered beyond her years. For a guy who specializes in makeovers, he's endearingly down-to-earth. Teens Jay Versace This teen got his start doing short, funny skits on the now-defunct video-sharing site Vine.