Chapter 1 three worlds meet outline of africa

1 Three Worlds Meet Peopling the Americas - ppt video online download

chapter 1 three worlds meet outline of africa

Three Worlds MeetNative Americans and Africans develop complex societies and cultures. Europeans Section 1. Peopling the Americas In ancient times, migrating peoples settle the. Americas .. study outline questions - geography final. Unit 1: Three Worlds Meet Beginnings to Pages B.C.E. and C.E. B.c.e. means, Answer to first question-- Europe, Africa, and America's Group Work Divide into your Make your notes In your own words, summarize the information. Chapter 1: Section 1 Crossing to the Americas P. Vocabulary Words for. I. Three Worlds Meet. A. Peopling the Americas. 1. Ancient Peoples Come to . ( 1) Peoples of Europe and West Africa had little direct contact before the s.

Now you sense that your world is about to change; the ships you see approaching are like nothing you have encountered before.

Unit 1: Three Worlds Meet

How will the arrival of a strange people change your way of life? Asian peoples begin migrating to America across the Beringia land bridge.

Corn is raised as a domesticated crop in central Mexico. Olmec society develops in what is now southern Mexico. Israel becomes a kingdom. Adena culture begins building large earthen mounds in what is now southern Ohio. Patterns of immigration have always shaped and continue to shape American history.

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List the early civilizations of the Americas. Include the approximate dates they flourished and their locations. Guatemala and Yucatan Peninsula Maya A. How did the development of agriculture affect ancient societies in the Americas? As their surplus increased, and people had more time to develop skills, larger, more complex societies developed. Evaluate the achievements of the ancient cultures of the Americas. Which single accomplishment do you find most remarkable and why? Which ancient American empire do you think was most advanced?

Many modern Native American groups maintain ancient customs of their respective cultures. Describe how each of the following Native American societies adapted to their environment: Northwest Coast, Southwest, and Eastern Woodlands. In the dry Southwest, the Hopi and Acoma developed irrigation systems. People in the Eastern Woodlands, like the Iroquois, blended agriculture with hunting and gathering.

In your opinion, were the differences between Native American groups greater than their similarities?

Untold History Of The Aborigines Of America - African Americans Are Indigenous To America Not Africa

All societies adapted well to their environment; all preserved strong family ties; all held strong beliefs in spirits; all strove to live in harmony with nature.

Describe the relationship between the individual and his or her social group in Native American society. ANSWER Each person was part of an extended family; some tribes organized the families into clans, or groups of families descended from a common ancestor.

chapter 1 three worlds meet outline of africa

Members of a clan often lived together. You have 10 minutes, then we will share our thoughts with the class Effective Note Taking: A Reminder What is the piece of writing about? Read the introduction and headings. Look at illustrations, charts and graphs and read the captions.

1 Three Worlds Meet Peopling the Americas

What are the main points or ideas Read through carefully thinking about what the main points or ideas are. Make your notes In your own words, summarize the information.

chapter 1 three worlds meet outline of africa

Do not copy information directly from the book or internet. If you include a quote that is written in the book, use quotation marks.

chapter 1 three worlds meet outline of africa

Section 1 Crossing to the Americas P. Section 1 Here is a list of words you are responsible for: These words can be found in your textbook, p. Domestication Civilization What is a civilization??

What features do you need to have a civilization?? Cities are center of trade 2.

Chapter 1 Three Worlds Meet

Specialized jobs for different people 3. System of record keeping 5. Advanced tools What leads to civilization? The five features, but what is the most important invention leading to the formation of civilizations? Irrigation, Domestication Irrigation leads to agriculture, which leads to trade, which leads to villages, etc. Where did they migrate from and why? When exactly is the beginning?