Relationship between biotic potential environmental resistance and carrying capacity

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relationship between biotic potential environmental resistance and carrying capacity

Mar 11, BIOTIC POTENTIAL VS ENVRONMENTAL RESISTANCE. IF ENVIRONMENTAL Defined as a populations capacity for Any or all factors that act to limit the growth of a population The lime line is our carrying capacity. Each species will have a different biotic potential due to variations in which act jointly to limit a population's growth are termed the environmental resistance. The intrinsic rate of increase is the difference between birth and death rates; it can be It levels off when the carrying capacity of the environment is reached, rate for a species is its biotic potential, or rmax, thus changing the equation to.

Environmental resistance factors are all the things that keep a population of organisms from endlessly increasing.

Biotic Potential and Carrying Capacity of a Population

They lower the chances for reproduction, affect the health of organisms, and raise the death rate in the population. Environmental resistance factors include factors that are biotic living and abiotic non-living.

relationship between biotic potential environmental resistance and carrying capacity

Biotic factors are things like predation, parasitism, lack of food, competition with other organisms and disease. Abiotic factors include drought, fire, temperature, and even the wrong amount of sunshine. You can see how all these things, biotic and abiotic, would become an uphill battle to your boulder-pushing.

The Push and Pull of Populations While environmental resistance acts like a hill pushing back against population growth, biotic potential is what urges a population to grow.

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Biotic potential has to do with how well a species can survive, including how well adapted it is to the environment and its rate of reproduction. Some species produce a lot of young very often while others produce fewer babies less oftenbut invest a lot of energy raising and protecting them.

So, while the biotic potential of a species causes the population to increase, environmental resistance keeps it from increasing relentlessly. When the population is small, environmental resistance factors are, not as big of a factor. There may be plenty of resources around so the population can keep growing quickly. Water is an important resource that producers need for growth. If the producers do not grow in an ecosystem, then the consumers in such ecosystem cannot be sustained.

Dynamics of predator-prey populations contribute to environmental resistance. Biotic potential and environmental resistance affect the carrying capacity, which is defined as the maximum population of a species an ecosystem can sustain indefinitely without being degraded due to deterioration and damage.

The carrying capacity is the portion of the graph in which the population plateaus; this is where the rate at which the replenished resources of an ecosystem is equal to the number of organisms being born. If the population exceeds the carrying capacity of its environment, it is called an overshoot.

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One reason for the overshoot is when the reproductive lag time — the time it takes for the birth rate to decrease and the death rate to increase in response to limited resources, takes place. When this happens, a population can collapse or dieback since there are limited resources and space unless a large number of individuals migrate to other areas with more favorable conditions.

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When the population of the organisms is below the carrying capacity, the available resources are able to sustain the needs of the population. Tips Biotic potential of organisms makes the population increase while environmental resistance limits the population on growing relentlessly. Research about the carrying capacity in humans.

Unit 3 Notes Biotic Potential vs. Environmental Resistance.

What is the difference in the carrying capacity of humans with other animals? What are the estimates of human carrying capacity on Earth? What do you think? During the s, there were 1.

relationship between biotic potential environmental resistance and carrying capacity

Today, there are over 7. Why do you think the population continues to grow? Is there a limit to the growth of the population?

Key Points Biotic potential refers to the ability of a population of a particular species to propagate under ideal environmental conditions — sufficient food supply, no diseases, and no predators. Environmental resistance are factors that limit the biotic potential of an organism.