Relationship between state and local government in nigeria

The Relationship Between Local and State Governments

relationship between state and local government in nigeria

The Nigeria constitution stipulates the functions and powers of the levels of removal of the local government Chairmen by some state governments. The three tiers of government in Nigeria includes the federal, state and local. A federation is an association or a union of autonomous states that come together. The mutual working relationship between and amongst the federal, state and local councils in Nigeria, just like those of advanced democracies is germane to.

This is definitely different than the powers granted to states within the U.

Relationship between Federal, State and Local Government |

Any powers not specifically granted to the U. It is like this — any powers not specifically given to the U. To find more about types of city governments, read this article. Because local governments are merely extension of state powers, rather than autonomous entities that are reserved powers not granted to the state, such as the federalist model between our national government and state governments, this means that the type and level of function given to local governments differs by state, since each state determines the type and amount of powers they want to give to their local government entities.

relationship between state and local government in nigeria

What is Dillon's Rule? It is considered a cornerstone of U. Also an avenue would be surely created in which feed back mechanisms, both top down and bottom up could be institutionalized.

relationship between state and local government in nigeria

The process will leads too, to the accountability, while this accountability will in the long run address the issue of transparency by making the data available and reporting on the performance.

Its only then can the community needs would be known and assessed. And without this proximity it will be difficult to realize all these needs. Definitely they only knows local government because its it that they can only go at any point in time. This social distance will be understandable when looking at the heavy security tight fixed in the governor and commissioners residence.

Which is only accessible to winning party executives, lobbyist, opportunist, marauders etc. In a politically developed countries most of the political office holders whether governor or any other used to banter with the poor in their slump areas and their offices is always open for every one.

The issue I thought that ought to be the center piece when comes constitutional amendments is the issue of increasing capacities for local government to carry out its fiscal responsibilities more judiciously. Since yester years local governments were handicapped in addressing development issues at basic level due to the lack of well-grounded manpower to do so.

In other to improve the capacities of local governments there is a need to holistically take into cognizance the much-entrenched problems of decentralization. This can be done by giving local governments power to perform their functions effectively. One of the reasons why local government are becoming weak and outmoded is because they were politically throttle and stranglehold by the states to the extent that they cannot articulate a strategic plan of their own.

All their policies were determined from else were. In advance countries for instance America and Britain the higher governments repose a lot of confidence on local governments by devolving on them gigantic projects to undertake. In America for example though local governments were within the province of statesbut they takes cares of police, fire service, public works, libraries, airports harbors, housing etc. And couple with the fact that local governments were financially autonomous, nothing like trespass from their higher governments as it is the case with our own local governments.

This makes them to be buoyant and discharge their statutory functions with zeal. How ever, another bedeviling problems of local governments that are of great concern is the ineptitude of the staff in the local governments most especially Northern local governments.

It is also in charge of issues related to every level of education and non-mineral natural resources. There are other relationships between the tiers of the government in Nigeria besides the collaboration of the state government with either the local government or the federal government. The relationship between the three tiers of government in Nigeria Since we know the main responsibilities of each tier, we can discuss the relationship between them.

Even though collaboration is a type of relationship between the tiers, there are other areas of cooperation or relationship. The power sharing relationship This is the first area of the relationship among the tiers of the government in Nigeria.

Each of the tiers has a type of an important list.

The Relationship Between Local and State Governments

There are three types: The exclusive list can be considered as a symbol of power. The concurrent list belongs to the federal and state governments.

relationship between state and local government in nigeria

The residual belongs to the states. The "power sharing" means that even though there are certain lists that belong to each tier, the responsibilities can be shifted among them in order to get better results.