The relationship between motivation and job satisfaction

the relationship between motivation and job satisfaction

There is a strong relationship link between motivation and job satisfaction. The more motivated a person is at work the better they are likely to perform and. Employee commitment is enhanced when an employee feels motivated and satisfied at his job. The link between motivation and satisfaction is, therefore. The terms "job satisfaction" and "motivation" are often used Job satisfaction refers to the pleasure or reassurance that a job Relationship.

They find that managers have satisfaction except economic and psychosocial varying degrees of influence over these tools and has a positive effect on increasing different aspects of work motivation, with employee motivation with implementations greatest influence over job satisfaction and carried out to increase employee satisfaction at least influence over job involvement.

Therefore, it has become an considered to be affected by economic variables important area of research that how to reduce and this fact cannot be denied but are not turnover and absenteeism and improve sufficient enough to have a prolonged effect.

the relationship between motivation and job satisfaction

Moreover, it However, it is seen that appeal to the has been observed many a times that motivating economic tools and expecting from employees who are satisfied with their jobs are them more than needed does not seem to result still not good performers. This may be because in success very much.

Therefore, in planning of their lack of Motivation and commitment for rewarding, encouraging economic tools should the organization; this point of view emphasizes be employed in accordance with employees' the importance of the study of Motivation and needs. In fact, there are ways of increasing its relationship to Job Satisfaction. It analyzes the effectiveness of public sector giants of the country BSNL. The objectives of the study are enumerated below: To find out the Relationship between Saharanpur.

the relationship between motivation and job satisfaction

To explore the effects of Age and the Questionnaires. Experience on the Motivational Level of the Tool s Employees. Two questionnaires one for motivation 3. To find out the relative importance of the and other for job satisfaction have been used. Each questionnaire consists of 10 1.

What Is the Difference Between Motivation & Job Satisfaction?

There is no significant difference between questions and all are 5-point likert scale based the Mean Motivation Score of the high and questions and the responder has to tick any one low satisfied employees. Motivation remains unaffected of the age of Response 5 gets 5 marks and 1 gets 1 mark.

Thus each individuals score will range from a 3. There is no significant relationship between maximum of 50 to a minimum of 10 in both the Motivation and the Length of Service of the cases. We will consider 30 as a median score employees. In the present study, Motivation has been Sample: The researcher has collected data treated as a dependent and Job Satisfaction as from 45 white collar employees i.

Mathematically, and above out of a population of relationship between Motivation and Job employees. The respondents belonged to Satisfaction is as below: Satisfaction has been split into two groups: Above the sample respondents.

the relationship between motivation and job satisfaction

Thereafter, the Below 30 12 It is apparent from Table No. It This inference also tells us that most of the implies that the organization consists mostly of factors responsible for satisfaction and rich in experience white color employees. If we motivation are present in the organization, combine the above percentage with the while to further substantiate this we will go for employees who are with 21 years and above further statistical analysis. For testing the To understand the extent and the nature of significance of the difference between the mean relationship between the variables i.

It indicates that the infer that: This strong positive evident from the graph shown in the figure 1. Figure1 Graphical representation of the correlation between Motivation and Satisfaction C o rre la tio n b e tw e e n M o tiv a tio n a n d J o b S a tis fa c tio n J o b S a tis f a c t io n 60 50 40 30 20 10 0 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 M o t iv a t io n Testing the Significance of a Correlation relationship that exists.

the relationship between motivation and job satisfaction

So to further Further, to ascertain whether the observed substantiate our results let us find the correlation between motivation and Job Regression between the two variables under Satisfaction is merely due to chance or the study and find what kind of relationship exists.

It was found that the critical value given in the value As the coefficient of correlation tells only table was 0. Therefore, it may be inferred safely variables.

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Therefore, regression analysis was that the correlation between the variables carried out to examine the kind of relationship under study is statistically significant and it is a existing between Motivation and Job real one and not merely because of chance. The final regression equation comes that there is a relationship between two or more out to be: While more or less for Age of employees rest of the two groups the case is same as it was Age Group Below total between age and motivation.

It can be and the Length of Service of the employees. While the case is support the inferences that were drawn from completely different in the other two age Table 3 that most of the employees are satisfied groups.

Links Between Motivation & Job Satisfaction |

There is a significant difference between accepted i. This implies that motivation is a function of job satisfaction Table No. Relationship between and its value does get affected with change Motivation and Length of Service in the value of satisfaction i.

The Age and the Length of service of the organization to focus on it and come out with employees do not bear any impact on the some solutions as these employees are the Motivational level of the employees. The place of financial be compensation package which got the management in personnel psychology. Department of Guidance and employees which the employees indicated Counselling, University of Ibadan, Nigeria.

the relationship between motivation and job satisfaction

A causal model of voluntary turnover among 5. By contrast, motivation refers only to the reasons a person performs a job, regardless of whether the job brings him pleasure.

However, the terms are closely related.

Links Between Motivation & Job Satisfaction

Motivation Motivation refers to the reasons -- the motive -- that a person performs a particular job. A person's motives for doing a particular job can vary widely. While some do a job because it makes them happy, others do it simply because they are paid to do it and without a regular salary they would end up homeless and hungry. A person's motives for performing the work he does are not always knowable.

What Is Motivation And Job Satisfaction?

Satisfaction Job satisfaction refers to the satisfaction that a person receives from performing his job. The satisfaction can take many forms -- satisfaction at the work that he has accomplished, satisfaction at the effort he puts into the job, satisfaction at the help he has provided others -- but all involve some degree of psychological contentment.

Job satisfaction can often be difficult to measure, because people define satisfaction in different ways. Video of the Day Brought to you by Techwalla Brought to you by Techwalla Relationship Motivation and satisfaction are closely related, in that job satisfaction can be described as a type of motivation. However, a person's satisfaction with his job and his motivation to perform the job can exist independently of each other.

For example, a person can be satisfied by his job but his motivation for doing the job can exist independently of his satisfaction.