Good questions for 21 to ask a guy relationship

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good questions for 21 to ask a guy relationship

May 17, If you've been in a relationship with your boyfriend for a while and are looking to learn more about him to Questions to Ask a Guy to Get to the Root of His Thoughts . 21) What is the best advice your mom ever gave you?. These relationship questions to ask a guy you just met like are designed to spark Consider these good questions to ask a guy before dating him to learn his. Good communication is one major ingredient for a happy relationship. don't know what to ask, here is a list of some of the random questions to ask a guy or girl.

Would you talk to me at night if you are feeling dead sleepy? Are you a virgin? If not, when did you lose your virginity? Who do you find most beautiful among my friends?

What was your first impression of me? Are there any fears you have that you would like to get over? Do you find yourself prejudiced or biased in any area?

Good Questions To Ask A Guy That Will Bring You Closer Together | Thought Catalog

Tell me five of your pet peeves? If you could have sex with any three people you chose, who would they be? When you meet someone of the opposite sex, what do you first notice about them? Which are the parts of their body that you notice? Have you ever dated two girls at once without either of them being the wiser about it?

Have you ever been arrested or charged with a crime? Have you ever used being drunk as an excuse for doing or saying something?

good questions for 21 to ask a guy relationship

Who is your role model? What do you do in your free time? Do you like children? How would you deal with a difficult mother-in-law? Tell me about your strengths and weaknesses? What are your career aspirations and dreams? If I ask you to dedicate a song to me, what would it be? What would you do if I die? What are the things that you can do to cheer me up? Do you believe in the seven births companionship concept?

+ Random Questions To Ask A Guy or Girl

What is your favourite dish? Who is your favourite actress? Would you rather spend a day in the woods or at the beach? Which is the one job in the world that you would love to do?

If you were an animal in the wild, what would you be? What is the most embarrassing moment of your life? Who was your first girlfriend? Why did you break up with her? Which is your dream car? Do you like pets? Will you like to keep any at home? Are there any causes you strongly believe in? If you won a million dollars in a lottery, what would you do with it? If you knew you had only 2 weeks to live and death was imminent what are the regrets you would have? How would you spend those two weeks?

Is there someone from the past you really miss and would like to locate? Who was your first love? If you could take a year off and go travelling, where would it be? Which sports do you play or watch? Which is your favourite Comic book character? If you could relive the last five years of your life, what would you change?

Who did you lose your virginity to? Anything related to childhood is bound to open up from wellsprings of information! Our childhoods essentially shaped who we are, and those memories are with us for the long haul, both good and bad. Who would you cast to play you in the movie of your life? This is just a fun question that can show you how realistically, or unrealistically, someone views themselves!

Does he cast Brad Pitt, or Jonah Hill? If you woke up tomorrow with no fear, what would you do first? Pretty much all of us are help back by certain fears. Fear of failure, fear of embarrassment, fear of losing money, fear of making the wrong decision.

But what would life look like if we let go of all that? What is your strangest pet peeve? We all have pet peeves, some make sense, some are just silly and totally random. By knowing his, at least you can avoid doing whatever random thing drives him up all wall!

If you had to lose one of your five senses, which would you give up? Does he love music? Does he loves taking in beautiful sights?

Is he a foodie who loves delicious tastes and smells?

good questions for 21 to ask a guy relationship

What could he absolutely not live without … and conversely, what would he be willing to give up? If you could make one wish, what would it be?

World peace, or a million dollars? Hmm… which will he choose? What do you consider to be the most difficult period of your life? For most of is, it was middle school and adolescence. For others, it was early adulthood. Either way, this question is bound to tell you a lot about him. We talk a lot on this site about how every man has a mission… has things he wishes he were achieving.

When a woman taps into those things, a man feels incredibly bonded to her and he wants to share himself with her. This questions will show you what means the most to him in life. What is one behavior that makes even the hottest girl instantly unattractive? This will show you how comfortable he is with you so far. Or he might just be a really bold guy with no shame! Do you believe in soulmates? Is he a realist or a romantic? This question is a good way to find out! If you could trade lives with one person for a day, who would it be and why?

This will show you who he admires, and what he hopes his life might look like someday. Who we look up to says a lot about who we are. This question will show you who he wants to be. So who does he want to be? And what makes him feel good to hear about himself? Would you rather be happy or successful? Another great question to find out what he values in life. A type-A goal oriented type of guy will probably choose success … and this will show you that he will chase success at any cost, even his emotional wellbeing.

A more balanced guy who just likes to enjoy life will probably choose happiness. But most people will probably say both!

What always makes you smile? What always makes you angry? They say alcohol, anger, and how someone handles money tells you the truth about who they are. What makes him angry? You can use this question to really dig into the topic and get a sense of how easily his angry switch gets flipped. Mistakes are what shape us and help us grow. But some are best to never, ever be made again. So what shaped him, and what has he vowed never ever to do again? The answer can reveal a lot.

What was the worst part of your childhood? Childhood is a minefield, so proceed with caution. This question is bound to rouse up some untouched hurts and heavy emotions. Or maybe he had an amazing childhood and really has no complaints.

Either way, you will learn a lot about him. When making decisions, do you follow your head or your heart? The world is divided into thinkers and feelers. Does spending time with other people make you feel energized or drained? What makes a difference is how you feel when interacting with others. Extroverts feel charged up by being around other people, while introvert feels drained after heavy socializing. We all have that something that puts us in touch with our essence and reminds us why we were put on this earth.

Some people are lucky enough to have a job that allows them to do that thing, like write or paint or dance, other people need to actively carve out time to go to their passion place. Either way, we all have one and it says a lot about who we are, about our core essence.

What is something that happened this year that you are most thankful for? This is a simple, sweet, and telling question. If you could re-do one moment in your life, which would it be and why? Now there is an interesting question to think about … What will you never allow someone else to do to you? Our boundaries are a huge part of who we are.

This question will show you his biggest boundaries, and he may even reveal important events from his past that caused said boundary to develop. How has your sense of right and wrong evolved? What would your perfect day look like? I remember discussing this question with my husband when we were on our third date.

What has been the biggest blessing in disguise in your life? Life can only be understood looking backward. In the moment something can feel like the worst thing, but in time it can actually turn out to be the best thing. These kinds of stories are the ones that really shape and define our lives. When was the last time you had a good cry? Sometimes you just have to let the emotions out, even guys!

Do you believe love conquers all? Is he a romantic idealist or a down to earth realist?

good questions for 21 to ask a guy relationship

This question will tell all. Is there anything you consider absolutely unforgivable? This is another question that will reveal his boundaries, and as I mentioned, boundaries reveal a lot about a person. Also, when he tells you what he considers to be unforgivable, you can make a mental note never ever to dot hat thing. Most of us have gone through something that totally changed us and made us better in the end. But going through that thing was brutal and painful.

What is the hurdle that he had to overcome to make it to a better place? This question can really take you to some deep and interesting places. What do you wish you could remember more clearly? What makes you feel accomplished? This varies wildly from one person to the next. Some people feel accomplished when they get a lot of work done, others feel accomplished from doing errands and other mundane tasks.

And others feel accomplished through spending time with others and connecting. The point is, the answer to this question will reveal a lot. Just kidding, but it will be interesting to hear… Have you ever done or accomplished something you never thought you could? Who is one person you could never live without? Would you rather go out or stay in on a Saturday night? Have you been in love before? Have you ever gotten your heart broken?

good questions for 21 to ask a guy relationship

Who in your family, immediate or extended, are you the most similar to? Where do you see yourself in five years?

good questions for 21 to ask a guy relationship

What would be your dream job? If you were writing a book about your life, what would the title be? What keeps you up at night? What makes you blissfully, completely, smile-from-ear-to-ear happy? What was your childhood like? Did you have a close bond with your parents? Do you have any brothers or sisters? What was your first crush like? Are you still friends with your exes? If you had to describe your father, what would you tell me about him? What was your biggest achievement? Do you like animals?

What makes you feel happy? Are you a competitive person? Do you like any sports? Would you lend it to me? What do you think about death?

What is your favourite memory from childhood? What is your favourite scent? How did you lose your virginity?

30 questions to ask a guy you're dating to get to know him better

What is your weakest spot? Do you consider getting married one day? What do you think about Pink Floyd? How do you like to dance? What is your favourite album? What was the worst winter of your life? On a scale from 1 to 10, how good would you say you are at singing in public? Are you left wing or right wing?

Are you pro choice or pro life? Have you ever felt attracted to a queer person? Did you ever participate in a protest? Would you date two girls in the same day? Would you ever date a blind person? Tell me about the one who got away. How many pairs of shoes do you have? Do you own a suit? Have you ever stalked someone? What is your favourite summer memory? What is it about us girls that makes you so horny? What was the biggest letdown of your life? What would you take with you on a deserted island?

What would you say about your relationship with God? What are you most ashamed of? What are you most proud about? Do you wish you were born some place else? What are you secretly fond of?

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Did you ever betray anyone you loved? If I gave you a pen and paper what would you make out of them? How do you relate to people who suffer from mental disorders?