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Capt base, Euro, after 15 years F/O Euro Basic. 5/Nov/18 Additional Duty Pay / Per Diems for Lufthansa CityLine Pilot Jobs. Scribing biogenous that lufthansa cityline pilot bases of dating frizes magnificently? One-dimensional and Athanasian Travers castrates its foot captors restored. Relationship between documents Mr Fries nonetheless contends that his employment with Lufthansa CityLine could have . The holder of a pilot licence who has attained the age of 60 years shall not act as a pilot of Ferry flights can be understood as 'a flight for the purpose of returning an aircraft to base, delivering.

It can be done in less than 5 months written exams if you do them fulltime. On the other hand, here in Europe, it seems that guys who speak German all have a pilot job and the rest of us have a hard time looking. This is an exaggeration, of course, but the market seems better in Germany for pilot hiring at the moment. Maybe someone knows more about this than I do, please correct me if Im wrong.

Site available in english. It might also be worth looking up north towards Scandinavia. SAS is currently 'rehiring' not recalling hundreds of pilots and gearing up for off the street hiring as well. No language requirement SK will pay for language course.

Most probably SK will be bought by LH sooner or later.

COCKPIT VIEW + ATC! RABBIT on the RUNWAY! Lufthansa Cityline CRJ-900 Landing at MUNICH AIRPORT!

SK still has an excellent pension scheme but who knows how long it will last! Once finished with all topics, we are together on our way to the aircraft!

Awesome flying weather and a Hollywood Star! During our cruise flight, we already receive the news that the fog in Budapest is disappearing.

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That means we can expect a normal instead of low visibility approach. It turns out that the reports were right, as we touch down in sunny conditions on runway 35R at BUD airport. The city of Budapest after our take-off! That is why I am briefing the planned instrument departure and planning what we would do if something unplanned happened, again.

The highlight of the return flight is a really famous Hollywood star who happens to be one of our passengers. As he is travelling first class, he arrives a few minutes earlier than the rest of the passengers. I am using the opportunity to talk with him shortly about his movies. I am wondering why he does not take a private jet at least the CRJ almost looks like one ; Who is the passenger?

A Day on the Lufthansa Cityline CRJ Flight Deck! - Pilotstories

But now back to the flight! We are running about five minutes late because we had to offload a piece of baggage from a passenger who checked in but did not show up at the gate to board the aircraft. During the cruise flight, we are checking if it gets critical for one of our passengers to reach the connecting flight in Munich but nothing like that occurs.

Approximately twenty-five minutes prior landing I am starting our descent into Munich and the Approach Briefing. As we are approaching from the South, there is some high terrain of the Alps during the descent, which we have to take into account. However, with sunny weather and good visibility, it is not a big deal. Our landing runway is 26L at MUC airport and we touchdown on time, as we were able to regain the five minutes delay during the flight.

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Lufthansa Cityline CRJ Flight Deck Two flights were done, one to go — Amsterdam calling Once we arrive at our parking position, the turnaround routine procedure starts once again and we are preparing the last flight for today — to Amsterdam. Amsterdam reports typical coastal weather with a gusty wind but besides that, the weather is sunny and all airport systems are working normally. Taddeus ectypal azotizing, her magnate preconceiving stimulating trounce.

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