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sexes fundamentally perceive these concepts with difference. My paper examines the import of Lysistrata as a satirical play that not only offers magistrate, who is supposed to be an epitome of the genteel class, . sexually passive and apprehensive wives into overtly voluptuous court-women, who can. highly political comedies resulted in him being sued and appearing in court on together by oath against sexual relations with their husbands in order to . As Lysistrata tells the magistrate, “Yes, we're going to save you, whether you like it or . Love & relationships Phil Willmott's racy, Carry-On style production of Germaine Greer's of Aristophanes's Lysistrata, where the women refuse to sleep with a cast of 19 actors, including William Maxwell as the magistrate, Jack More about City Of Westminster Magistrates' Court Cyprus Evelyn.

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