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relationship playbook

For some of us, romantic relationships are a mysterious swamp: Why can't we understand what our partner wants in a relationship? To clarify. Build a Better Relationship!Do you argue with your partner? Do you feel alone, disconnected or uncared for after the argument? Do you feel like one of you. For each and every concern choose, A, B, or C. Disclaimer: TRP did not produce this test, neither do we vouch for the credibility of the results.

Learn about how they measure success Working as a team means moving together toward a single goal, but often when teams are new or evolving, goals can become misaligned. To better align the team—and better understand how your teammate thinks and works—talk with them about what success means to them, and how they're measured within the company.

What skills are most important to you in your work? How should the team be gauging our success? Where do you want to be in a year? How do you think I might be able to help? Find out what excites your teammate Psychologically, when we get excited about something we can hardly contain ourselves.

So one of the best ways to get someone to open up to create a strong relationship is to find what excites them and focus conversations around that. What do you do in your time off?

relationship playbook

What excited you about the job when you first joined? What are some of your favorite hobbies and how did you first get into them? When do you feel energized most?

Fielding A Winning Relationship: The Playbook To Success

Explore the challenges they're facing Once you've uncovered a little about what motivates your teammate and how they look at or measure success, you'll want to understand some of their roadblocks too. Challenges and roadblocks faced by teammates are opportunities for others on the team to step-up and provide support, guidance, or direction.

But, maybe it is not our inability to listen and connect emotionally, maybe the opposite is true, maybe we just need to hear the same message in a different language. Below are the seven ways that a happy relationship is just like winning in football. The four downs of a relationship plus one for good luck: In football, a team gets four downs to convert to a first down; well in relationships, it works very similarly.

relationship playbook

A famous researcher, Dr. John Gottman, has shown from his years of research that happy couples have a 5: In football, you could run or pass your way to a first down, but you get four chances to do it to keep the drive alive.

You just want to make sure you are not moving backwards by result of a sack or negative plays. Just as a team might not pass on every down to get to a first down, you do not need to only get your partner flowers five times one time might help thoughbut simple things like a compliment or a pat on the back would work.

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Just keep the drive moving forward, not backward, with your positives. It is important to focus not only on the negative plays but the good plays as well in order to understand what is working well and how to build upon strengths. The same attitude holds true for relationships, you want to not only examine the fumbles like that time you totally forgot an important anniversary due to stress at workbut also what is working in your relationship, including what you appreciate about your partner and what you feel you have been working at improving.

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This will help deepen your connection to you partner and your relationship. Instead, you need to continually be learning about your partner, yourself, and how the two of you think and interact. Football players do not just wait around for a win to happen, they prepare.

You should be doing the same in your relationships, be prepared to have an amazing relationship. Do not be afraid to challenge the play: In football, the referees can get a call wrong sometimes. When a ruling is made by the referees that a team disagrees with, they can challenge it, and many times a different referee will look at the tape to make sure the call is correct.

Improve your relationships with your teammates - Playbook

When we argue, people believe they are right. This can help take into account both sides and see how an uninvolved party might handle things. Most of the time, when you see a third party's perspective, you end up compromising on the issue at hand.

Just remember, even paid refs get a call wrong, you will sometimes too; try to see your argument from a third party perspective and challenge yourself to let go of some pride and see the situation from an outside perspective. Football seasons are 17 long, grueling weeks. As a result, even the best athletes need a break to rebuild their body and mind.

NFL players will get massages or ice baths to heal their muscles. Heal your own relationship muscles by listening to calming music or going for a walk if you feel yourself getting too angry. Therefore, anything that will help you unwind can be helpful.

When you are calmer and can think more clearly, your brain functions better. This way, when you come back to the disagreement, you are thinking more clearly and better able to solve the issue with your partner. If you feel yourself worn out in an argument, you most likely will not be able to resolve it without your full health, so a break is always an option.

relationship playbook