Do you meet michael or franklin in gta online

GTA 5 Trevor Phillips – Why Do We Love Him So Much?

do you meet michael or franklin in gta online

6Then you'll be taken back to GTA Online session. You can only use the guns from single player in the session you're already in, if you start a. I know it's supposed to take place before Michael was back in the crime I know the story goes everything we do online is PRE single player. When switching to the GTA Online character, the player will either find the It should be noted that his and Michael's slots are both faded out while the player can only play as Franklin. If two of the characters meet in a place, the character being followed will Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat .

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Franklin will be visited by Devin who suggests killing Michael. Now you have to choose one of ways which will determine the game ending.


Remember, that when it's done you can freely make all secondary missions and activities besides the missions connected with a dead character. Remember also, that you can't change your choice after you make it.

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If you kill any of your playable characters, you won't be able to resurrect him by replaying this mission! Then, he'll call Michael and ask him to help kill Trevor, but he'll have doubts. During the encounter, Trevor runs away and Franklin starts chasing him.

do you meet michael or franklin in gta online

You'll have to run after him until the cut scene triggers you can't damage his car. Michal will ram Trevor and he crashes into the fuel cistern. When you fire at Trevor, the gasoline starts burning and Trevor will die. Prior to their faithful encounter, Trevor joined the air force after realizing he had talent in flying jets.

After his discharge, he returned to his wanderer life around the border.

Endings in GTA V

He did commit crimes but they were just petty crimes. After their encounter during a cargo escorting work across the border, they maintained their relationship as criminal partners. Although they still worked with each other, Trevor gradually wanted to leave Michael out of his business. As we already knew, Michael faked his death, making Trevor believed that he was death.

His business involved in arms dealing and selling crystal methamphetamine. When we got introduced to Trevor, we saw a crazy, lunatic Trevor who found out that Michael still alive.

do you meet michael or franklin in gta online

This is also the time we met the final member of the trio: Players also get the same impression when they get their hands on playing as Trevor. But is he truly a psychopath?

GTA V: How to make cash quickly and easily

When Franklin and Trevor meet, Franklin makes his intentions known, and Trevor calls Franklin a traitor just like Michael. Franklin then gives chase to Trevor, eventually ending up at the oil fields, where Michael rams his car into Trevor's pickup, where it crashes into a gasoline tanker. Franklin then shoots the spilling fuel, which ignites and burns Trevor to death.

do you meet michael or franklin in gta online

After killing Trevor, Michael and Franklin still remain friends; however, Michael will no longer hang out with Franklin, claiming that he "needs time" after Trevor's death.

Jimmy De Santa will no longer hang out with either Michael or Franklin due to their involvement in Trevor's death.

do you meet michael or franklin in gta online

Lamar can continue to hang out with Franklin, albeit only after sundown. When Agent Haines calls Franklin, Franklin reveals that Weston wanted Michael killed and Trevor let go, and Haines tells Franklin that he should've killed both, and that he'll appease Weston. Afterwards, Haines severs his ties with the surviving protagonists, telling Franklin to never contact him again.

do you meet michael or franklin in gta online

Kill Michael Main article: On the way, Franklin calls Trevor for his assistance; however, Trevor refuses to help him kill Michael. When Franklin and Michael meet, Franklin makes his intentions known. Franklin then gives chase to Michael, where they end up at a factory and up one of its chimneys.