The five people you meet in heaven scenes

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the five people you meet in heaven scenes

This quote comes from the opening chapter of The Five People You Meet in Heaven, during which the narrator is counting down the remaining. Aug 14, The Five People You Meet In Heaven: STUDY GUIDE / SETTING - MITCH The scene is very dark with fallen trees, blackened rubble and the. In The Five People You Meet in Heaven, Mitch Albom gives us an astoundingly original story that will change everything you've ever thought . watch more clips.

However, my understanding towards heaven changed entirely after reading this inspirational fiction. The author, Mitch Albom has illustrated his own version of heaven to the readers, where you will find a treasure chest of morals of life. The story began with a sad ending. Eddie, a maintenance worker at an amusement park, was only minutes away from his death. It happened in a flash when Eddie was trying to save a little girl from a falling cart of the Ferris Wheel.

But before Eddie could figure out what was happening, he arrived at a place that he had never expected—the heaven. The story became the most exciting when it truly unfolded itself.

Mitch Albom's 'The Five People You Meet in Heaven'

In the heaven, Eddie met five people who were important to his life, the Blue Man, the Captain, Ruby, his wife marguerite and Tala. Stories were told by the five characters from their experience and they helped Eddie to understand the true meaning of his life. Through the five stories, Eddie learnt about the power of sacrifice and forgiveness and the destruction caused by hatred and jealousy.

the five people you meet in heaven scenes

And from the stories Eddie had learnt not to look back. It is the same for us.

the five people you meet in heaven scenes

We should also free ourselves from the past and look ahead optimistically into the future. The sky changes from a blue to a dark, charcoal grey.

Book report: The Five People You meet in Heaven

The scene is very dark with fallen trees, blackened rubble and the sound of bombs exploding in the distance. This setting is particularly dark because when Eddie was at war he was older and not quite as limber as he was as a child.

The darkness of the setting also signifies how Eddie becomes injured during the War, which plays a large part in the depression he experiences for the rest of his life. The third place Eddie finds himself, in heaven, is a large mountain range surrounding a huge lake. The mountains have white, snow-capped peaks, rocks and purple slopes. The lake, in the center, was black and reflecting the bright moon.

In the snowy field, below the mountains, Eddie sees a diner with neon lights.

The Five People You Meet in Heaven {redesigned movie traile

All of the customers in the diner are from a different decade and most appear to be injured. The diner is there because Ruby wanted to feel as if she had returned to her younger years, when she worked in a diner, and had a simple and secure life. Since the pier had caused her much pain and suffering, she wanted all those who had also suffered at Ruby Pier to be safe and secure as well. She also wanted to remain far from the sea and thus chose the mountains.

Setting for The Five People You Meet In Heaven

This setting shows us that, along with Eddie, others have suffered at Ruby Pier: Ruby, Eddie's father and all of the other patrons in the diner. Before Eddie meets Marguerite in heaven, he finds himself journeying through many wedding receptions of different types and cultures. The weddings all seem more lavish that his and Marguerite's had been. Eddie had never liked weddings very much; he thought them to be "too full of embarrassing moments" He also avoided most receptions because of his injury.

In heaven, as he and Marguerite talk they walk through many receptions. Marguerite probably wanted to take Eddie through the different receptions so he would feel comfortable, as he never did on earth during weddings.

the five people you meet in heaven scenes

Also, since Eddie avoided most weddings when he was alive, Marguerite probably missed celebrating weddings with Eddie.